Time for Unity & Community

Hey lovely!

If you’re living in the UK or a UK ex pat no doubt you’re feeling the uncertainty we are now facing as our country, parliament and the EU reel at the outcome of the Referendum.

It makes it all the more unsettling as MP’s play the blame game, resign and generally sling mud each other.

But what about you?  What’s happening in your world?  I’m guessing as you’re on my email list you’re not an MP, more likely you are a coach, trainer, holistic practitioner, consultant… You  have been bestowed the gifts of compassion, empathy and understanding.

Not only do you have these gifts, you have a message.  It’s something you believe in wholeheartedly, its something you find yourself talking about with friends, family and random conversations in checkout queues or as you wash your hands in the ladies loo! (come on, I know its not just me! 😉 )

Never has there been a more important time than this for us to create unity and to build deeper friendships in our own communities.  To pour love and light into our homes, villages, towns, cities, counties, countries, European neighbours and beyond.  And together we can do this today and every day.  It’s time to move forward sharing your message of light.

I’ve decided to continue the sale of my half price Workshop Secrets Revealed for another week as I cannot think of a better way to build connection and unity than to be of service to those who are ready to hear your message of transformation and bring them together in a group environment.

This week, I will be sharing some of the most important things you need to know before you create your workshops and the number one mistake most workshop leaders make when hosting their first workshops (and I made this mistake too!). I’ll be putting on my big girls pants sharing this with you on a Facebook Lifestream.  So watch out early this week.

You can grab your Workshop Secrets Revealed home study course here:


Keep focusing on the positives wherever you find them and together we’ll move through this time with strength and light.

Big love

Ali xx

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