Time for Unity & Community

Hey lovely! If you’re living in the UK or a UK ex pat no doubt you’re feeling the uncertainty we are now facing as our country, parliament and the EU reel at the outcome of the Referendum. It makes it all the more unsettling as MP’s play the blame game, resign and generally sling mud each other. But what about you?  What’s happening in your world?  I’m guessing as you’re on my email list you’re not an MP, more likely you are a coach, trainer, holistic practitioner, consultant… You  have been bestowed the gifts of compassion, empathy and understanding. Not only do you have these gifts, you have a message.  It’s something you believe in wholeheartedly, its something you find yourself talking about with friends, family and random conversations in checkout queues or as you wash your hands in the ladies loo! (come on, I know its not just me! 😉 ) Never has there been a more important time than this for us to create unity and to build deeper friendships in our own communities.  To pour love and light into our homes, villages, towns, cities, counties, countries, European neighbours and beyond.  And together we can do this today and every day.  It’s time to move forward sharing your message of light. I’ve decided to continue the sale of my half price Workshop Secrets Revealed for another week as I cannot think of a better way to build connection and unity than to be of service to those who are ready to hear your message of transformation and bring them together in a group environment. This week, I will be sharing some of the most important things you need to know before you create your workshops and the number one mistake most workshop leaders make when hosting their first workshops (and I made this mistake too!). I’ll be putting on my big girls pants sharing this with you on a Facebook Lifestream.  So watch out early this week. You can grab your Workshop Secrets Revealed home study course here: http://www.alisoleil.com/workshop-secrets-revealed/ Keep focusing on the positives wherever you find them and together we’ll move through this time with strength and light. Big love Ali xx

Social Media Leave You Cold?

Hey lovely Whether you love or dislike social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter… they do create a fantastic platform for you to share your message.  And your message is so important and needed in the world.  Facebook Live stream has given you the opportunity to literally broadcast your message whenever you choose.  I’ve made 3 short Facebook Live videos on the Global Fab Friends forum and it was fun!  Even if I felt vulnerable and out of my comfort zone! Many of the clients I work with do not enjoy social media or avoid it all together.  And they can, because there are other effective platforms out there. How do you feel about social media? Is it something you feel you have to be part of? Do you love it with a passion? Do you freeze up not knowing what to say or not wanting to be visible? My approach to creating a business, is that you want to enjoy what you’re doing and feel light and expansive about it.  Hey, it’s gotta be fun hasn’t it? My business foundations were firmly built when I began creating and hosting transformational workshops to share my message with those who were ready to make a significant shift.  Workshops with impact, enjoyment and profit. If you’re looking for another way, if you’re feeling stuck, if you’d much rather have real conversations with real people and share a hug and a smile – then my 5 week home study course Workshop Secrets Revealed could transform the way you share your message and grow your business.  It’s on a flash sale right now at less than half price, and you can find out more here! I’ve already helped scores of light workers to create their first unique workshops and who have said this course is highly valuable and easy to follow.  And I’d love you to share your message from this beautiful platform.  Get it here! Before I sign off, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the messages of healing and love that I’ve received since my last message.  My hand operation went well last week and I’m learning to adapt to using one hand at the moment.  I’ll know on Friday how it’s going when the splint and dressings are replaced.  Exciting! Big love and if you’ve any questions about the course just message me ali@alisoleil.com and ask away! Ali xx

[sale] Evolve as you serve

Hey gorgeous lady, Today I go into hospital for an operation on my left hand.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to the experience exactly, but I am looking forward to losing the ‘spok’ look which has caused some pain and amusement in equal measures!  Well, you have to laugh don’t you?  Having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is an interesting condition for sure. I remember when I was so self conscious about the way I walked because somedays I have quite a limp (so I’m told, I can’t always tell for myself), and I always hid my hands because I was ashamed of them.  I would never paint my nails, because I didn’t want to draw attention to them. When I began my business, I realised that I was going to need to become more visible – because if you’re not visible you can’t be the light house for the clients who are ready to work with you.  And if you don’t have any clients, you don’t have a business.  Becoming visible was a big deal for me, especially being introverted as well!  Blimey, it’s a wonder I ever got my business off the ground isn’t it? Ha ha!  How about you?  Is there something about your body you’re not exactly thrilled with right now?  How’s it affecting you and how you show up? For me, the way I learned to love my body goes hand in hand with my business (no pun intended!).  The more I focused on my message of helping women to rise up, the higher I rose.  The more I helped women to own their truth, the more I owned mine.  You see, if you’re in integrity you walk your talk.   I soon realised that the more I focused on helping my clients and showing up for them, the less I thought about my challenges and the less power the condition had over me.  And after a while, I realised I’d made a huge shift and began to love my body and it’s uniqueness.  Who knows, I may not have been a successful empowerment coach had it not been for the condition… One of the ways I rose up, was to start hosting small workshops – with 5 – 10 people attending at a time.  Of course, I was pretty scared and didn’t really know how to create, market, host, upset – but what I did know, was how to help women to transform themselves. After the first few workshops I realised I’d created a community – Fab Friends Network and from their my business grew.  I was working with clients more deeply in groups and one-on-one.  And I gained visibility online though marketing my workshops and my reach grew internationally. You see, when you start showing up, hosting your own events you’ll find that your confidence increases, your self awareness grows and when you’re joyfully serving at your highest level your body releases all those feel good hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.  And they feels soo good! Over the last few years, I’ve successfully rolled out an online group programme called Workshop Secrets Revealed, showing just how to go from A – Z with your workshop (before, during and competing your workshop).  And I’ve decided that for the next two weeks, I’m going to offer it to you as a home study course at less than half price!  You’ll see there are also some amazing bonuses, including an hour of coaching/mentoring support from me, where I’ll roll my sleeves up and help you on any aspect of your workshop and it could even be helping you to rise up. So if you’re thinking about how you can not only help others, but help yourself too as I did, this could be the big game changer you’ve been waiting for.  It’s a comprehensive programme with everything you need to make your workshop enjoyable and profitable.  Just click here to find out more. This is a flash sale so be quick if this calls to you!  I don’t imagine I’ll ever offer it again at this low, low price. With love Ali xx

You’re Invited To Wow With Workshops – Free Teleclass

I’m delighted to invite you to a free teleclass on Tuesday 8th January at 8pm (GMT) where I will be giving you the inside scoop on running Workshops that will raise your visibility as an expert in your field, transform your business, and make you PROFIT! Come on, it’s time monetise your passions and your gifts! You can find out more and sign up for this free call here: http://www.alisoleil.com/wowwithworkshops and I can’t wait for you to join me on the call!