Old friends become new friends…

Don’t you just love the internet?  I can’t imagine going into a library now and trawling through the books to find out a fact – I can imagine going there for some quiet work time though.  How much easier is it to create reports, documents with facts at our fingertips and instant downloads to aid us?  Incredible.  I remember when at school, the notion that one day we would be able to shop from home with our TV’s or something like that… It seemed an exciting thought, but now it’s an everyday reality.  I feel so much gratitude for this technology.  How incredible that we have access to most shops on-line now – and there is always the shopping channel if you’d prefer another shopping medium.  I’m a bit of an Amazon addict – I love it! 

Social networking sites are so fantastic for re-connecting old friends – and family.  I left school 25 years ago (shhhh… showing my age now!); we all had little books we signed and wrote our birthdays and our addresses etc.  We promised to stay in touch as I’m sure you did too, right?  And did you?  Nah, it just doesn’t happen does it?  

I joined Friends Reunited many years ago.  It was my first introduction to the wonders of internet re-connection.  I was contacted by an old school friend from my middle school days – we both had a crush on each other at school and found ourselves at that time single.  We decided to meet under the glitterball at the end of Bournemouth Pier one Sunday afternoon in winter… it was such a giggle to meet up after so many years.  He looked just the same but much taller.  Our friendship burned brightly again for a while and then fizzled… I wonder if this is what happens once you’ve exhausted the chat about the past and then find nothing much in common now? (He wasn’t my type afterall so I don’t think that helped! Hee hee)

I went to a secondary school which had overseas boarders, so when we scattered across the planet I never expected to be able to reach friends in countries such as Nepal and Nigeria etc… And also the fabulous friends who live much closer too! 🙂 How amazing that we now have a resource to link arms again… It’s incredible. 

I now have many many friends who I communicate with sometimes daily though Facebook who knew me when I was a child – and now as a mother myself.  There are family members too… some are distant cousins – which I would never normally see or hear from except at funerals and weddings.  It’s great to keep the family spirit alive.  It’s great to be able to search for old friends and the sense of joy at re-connecting is wonderful.  It makes the world seem much smaller..

Who would you like to reconnect with?  Who would you like to meet under a glitter ball? 😉  What memories would you like to share with your friends?

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