Get Creative

Hey beautiful,

I feel like spring is in the air!  It’s such a beautiful, creative time of year.  As you know, I love visiting my favourite secret garden.  Each visit it changes and I watch like a proud auntie (!) as the leaves unfurl and become luscious once again.  Oh it’s gorgeous!

Being a creative time of year, what better time than now to share some beautiful mandala designs which my daughter Becky Rui created.

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian cultures and religions – representing the Universe.

I invite you to dig out your coloured pencils, felt tips or paints and spend some time in the happy pursuit of creative colouring in?  It’s not just children who love to spend time doing this and it can help you to connect with your creative energy and raise your vibration.

I remember many moons ago, I was feeling utterly hopeless.  Something inside me (what I now know was my spirit) guided me to get some paper, paints and start painting.

As I painted, something shifted inside me.  Something opened up.  I began to feel better.  I gained clarity.  I wasn’t focusing on my lack but on what I was enjoying.  Over time, I began to feel more empowered – and even went on to sell some of my art to a gallery in Alabama!   Which was unbelievable!  See, anything can happen if you’re open to miracles!

So there is no right or wrong here – it’s just about having some fun.  Put down the mobile phone, or shut down the TV or laptop and instead be open to ‘playing’ – and of course, you can invite someone else to colour in with you!

Click here to download the mandalas

Oh and yes… that is one of my side plates in the photo, kids eh!

Big love and have a fabulous weekend!

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