It doesn’t have to end!

Being an empty nester doesn’t mean that’s the end of family trips or holidays, no way! I love having my girls on trips away. Earlier this year, Becky came with me on an epic USA 🇺🇸 adventure. This is us in Sedona. The times we have together are so precious, we let every moment count. Where would you like to visit with your grown and flown children?

Book ‘Dream Time’

Yes! A thousand times Yes! Dreaming is good for your soul. Dreaming is allowing yourself to break free from the expectations of others or following the herd and instead opening yourself up to discover what deeply resonates within you. Your wisdom is within. Give yourself time to dream, book ‘dream time’ ‘still time’ into you week ☺️ maybe it’s when you walk the dog, relax in a luxurious bath, meditate, journal, awake first thing, are on a road trip, doodle, or gaze into a fire… hey even when you do the washing up! Allow whatever ideas bubble up from within to be witnessed and honoured by you. Write them down as we all know that dreams can often fade. Take baby steps towards making your dreams come true! What are you dreaming of? How could you make things easier? More fun? What’s next?

Make time to play

When both my girls had grown and flown, I was living alone. I missed the crazy play we enjoyed, like floating trays of dinner in the bath. Late night drives during school/college holidays into London at what ‘should be bedtime’ for no good reason other than to picnic on Westminster Bridge in the car – so much fun. Putting on accents (I was terrible, btw). Anna my younger daughter picking me or Becky up and walking around with us playfully protesting and asking her to put us down. Hiding and jumping out on each other! We were pretty childish and we LOVED it! So when they had gone, it felt so quiet and I felt lost, disconnected from a part of myself and old. After selling up, putting my things into storage and travelling around the UK, I ensured that fun was high on my agenda, and the loneliness faded away. Now in my new chapter with Andrew, we both laugh and play everyday. Usually at ourselves. And it’s usually quite childish 😂 and I feel young again, it’s a special kind of lightness. ❤️ Are you getting enough ‘fun, laughter and playtime’ into your days?  What would you like to introduce into your day/week?

Regained baking confidence!

Seriously I got a cake bakey kinda thing going on over here… To be honest it’s not just cakes… I can’t seem to stop cooking! 😂 When my girls became vegan and preferred to cook their own delights and then they flew the nest, I stopped baking and cooking almost completely and I lost confidence in my ability to rustle something up. I wonder if that resonates? Now Andrew and I live together, I’ve found my passion for all things baking and cooking has come back – and it’s such a joy to cook for someone who appreciates my experiments! He’s very generous, often scoring me marks well over 10/10, which makes me giggle 🙏🌟🤣. I made this cake this afternoon in between organising my market research calls and my coursework. What a treat for my man who’s been away for a few days!