Embrace Your Empty Nest

Embrace being an empty nester! This time often brings more freedom to your life… It’s YOUR time now!! Does your heart yearn for new adventures? Are you unsure what’s next for you? 🌸 After the initial rawness of children flying the nest, it’s good to start focusing on YOUR own desires, what you’d like to have, do, experience or become in this next chapter of your life. ✨ Take yourself to a quiet place, be still, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, smile. See your future self happy, healthy, confidence and successful. Tap into your inner guidance and ask yourself what’s next for me? Allow yourself time to hear your hearts desires, bursts of inspiration. Repeat this exercise often and give yourself permission to enjoy the process. Let go of any limiting self talk that bubbles up. ✨ Keep a notebook or journal and jot down whatever comes to you (it’s easy to forget and allows you to clear your mind) ✨ Explore each one with an open mind, even if it seems impossible or crazy. Be playful. ✨ Choose one that you feel most drawn to, break it down each down into smaller steps. 🌸 Take the first step, It’s YOUR time now! I’d love to hear what comes up for you and what you are choosing in this chapter of your life!

Open for Miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?  Are you familiar with the term ‘Law of Attraction’?  A Course In Miracles says a miracle is simply a ‘shift in perspective’. As always, I want to be transparent with you… I’ve been diving deep into the process of my own personal development, both inner and outer work over the last few years, you may relate to this too.  Some of this is about my physical journey of living with a disability, understanding and owning my relationship with this part of me. Redefining my identity as a Mama who’s children have flown the nest, challenges with my romantic relationship, the decision to set myself free and selling up my home, the coaching world and my place within this changing industry, peri-menopause and the shifts I’ve noticed in my body… getting clear on what’s important to me now. I’ve definitely felt ‘off centre’ at times and decided to take a semi break from social media.  Sometimes it just feels too noisy, does that make sense?  That’s included a break from our Facebook group Global Fab Friends, I’ve not been in the group for many months and that was a conscious decision to give back to myself.  It’s by taking control of your own life that you, re-connect with your spirit, honour your vales and begin to feel refreshed and vital once again.  It’s like ‘coming home’ to yourself.  I’m going to be sharing more about my journey in the coming weeks, as I think it may resonate with you – and help you too. When you make the decision to embark on a personal development journey, it’s a never ending process as you notice and unpick the patterns of thought that hold you back (limiting beliefs) and make sense of the life you’ve created for yourself.  I made a financial investment to get the support I needed, as I was going around and around in circles.  I’m so glad I did! Now feeling this gorgeous sense of vitally again, high vibing, honouring myself, I’m finding the miracles are coming thick and fast once again. You could also say these are synchronicities, coincidences, the Law of Attraction at play or even luck – and you’d be right.  There is no one way to describe them. So what have the big ones been in the last 3 weeks? First Miracle:  Well, as you may know, I’ve been on holiday to Barbados.  My partner and I had booked seats in premium economy – I’ve always wanted to fly Upper Class but it’s not been been something we’ve done.  I always ask to have a look behind the curtain before I leave the plane and I’ve promised myself I would one day travel this way.  Can you imagine my surprise when we checked in our suitcases at Gatwick airport, we were told that the seats in premium economy were over booked and we had been chosen for a complimentary upgrade to Upper Class!  I couldn’t believe my good fortune!  I was SO excited!!!!  A dream come true for sure. I had an intuitive download, that this was gift from the Universe, for finally after 40+ year of denying my condition, being rewarded for having the courage to ask from airport assistance for the first time in my life.  To no longer struggle if I didn’t need to – being open to receiving and having my needs met. Being able to sit with my feet up was fabulous for my challenged ankle joint – and to have a sleep on a flat bed as the plane flew through the sky was just surreal!  I felt so full of gratitude for this incredible gift and had such a spring in my step when I got off the plane. Second Miracle:  Since our last visit to Barbados 2 years ago, I’m connected with a Barbadian chap called Justin via Instagram (I love that social media platform).  I didn’t say where I was staying on Instagram… but secretly I hoped that I’d meet him on my visit.  On my second morning, I caught a glimpse of someone who looked like Justin in the buffet restaurant, getting his breakfast.  I told my partner that I thought it was Justin… my heart fluttered with excitement and I felt my face glowing red. Andrew said “No, it won’t be him, let’s just get seated”… but if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t give up!  After we’d been shown to our table, I went to the buffet to choose my breakfast – and he wasn’t there.  So I weaved my way back through the small restaurant with my breakfast plate in hand – and spotted this chap again at a table with about 8 people… I was shaking… “Hello”  I said… he looked at me – and then to the left and right and back at me… I asked “Are you Justin?”  I waited… “Yes” came back his answer – and I said ‘It’s me, I’m Ali”…. oh my goodness we both beamed with the biggest smiles… What were the chances of that meeting?  Of all the hotels, restaurants, cafes in Barbados, what were the chances of him being where I was staying?  And us both being there at the same time in the morning?  Again nothing short of – miraculous. Third Miracle:  In our hotel room and around the hotel, there were somebeautiful prints of coconut trees and banana trees – each with a special dedication of a member of the royal family.  I admired and studied them greatly… Last Friday, back in the UK I went to meet with my peers for our quarterly Mastermind Meeting – to a sleepy pub/hotel we’d been to so many times before in Yattendon, Berkshire.  I chose to sit in a different place to my usual seat, as I was the first to arrive.  And straight in front of me… were the same pictures!  The coconut trees and banana tress – with the dedication… No way!  Yes way!  I Googled them later and found they were from a The Natural History of Barbados book, dated 1750!  How bizarre that they would be there in Berkshire – and I’ve been in that room so many times before and never seen them. Each of these, feel like miracles and they fill my heart with joy, I feel expanded, alive and now – again I’m expecting miracles to unfold.  Miracles come in so many different ways, big and small.   They remind us that the Universe has our back…   The inner work that I’ve been doing is now rewarding me in so many different ways!  Are you open to miracles? I’m playing with the idea of hosting an intimate retreat in Barbados next year – I feel a deep connection with this tiny, paradise, Caribbean island and I think you would too.  Go on, let me know if this excites you, too? Doing this inner work, clearing out your out dated beliefs and making sense of how life is now… what you really desire for yourself moving forward isn’t for the faint hearted. I didn’t do it alone, that’s almost impossible.  Even as an empowerment coach, I invested in support to have someone witness me, stretch me to think in new ways, to open myself up to what is possible and to rise up again. If you’d like to have a conversation with me about how I could help you to rise again – message me at ali@alisoleil.com and we’ll set up an informal call to explore if we’re a good fit for each other. Here’s to the miraculous and creating the life you desire! Love Ali xx

Stuck in a rut? Ready for Change?

We all have a story, don’t we?  And YOU get to write the next chapter, to design it in a way that brings you joy and you come out on top.  Where you’re the leading lady in your own life. I know, sometimes it feels like you’re on a treadmill or living on auto pilot and then suddenly you remember, you do have a choice to live life differently.  You don’t need to apologise for desiring more for yourself, it is your right. You may be super successful in many areas of your life and yet, it feels like there is something missing.  Perhaps it’s been triggered by the symptoms of empty nest, divorce, burn out, menopause, career change, feeling that time is short, feelings of loss or just that craving for more. Even though you may have people around you, you can feel lonely as anything. You may have been a long time student of personal development and yet this time it doesn’t seem so easy to reach for those better feeling thoughts.  In fact, as each week goes by, each month nothing seems to change and yet you know you have the power to make the changes needed. I know that you have innate wisdom, courage and a desire to make a difference, and when it’s for someone else or a cause close to your heart, it’s easy to do what you know needs to be done without hesitation.  However, when it’s for you, it feels harder to find the energy to make the change. So what would this chapter look like for you, if you were free to choose?  (And you are) What is your truth? (If you were to dare to own it) What would you release, if you could?  (And you can) If you could design your perfect day, what would it look like? (Because you can) I know you have all the bravery you need to write this next chapter – and make it a goody!  Where as the leading lady – you’re the one who transforms her life for the better and gets to have that all over glow about her.  I’ve witnessed it happening over and over with my clients. I’ve just been thinking about my gorgeous client Teresa, who I worked with some years ago.  You can read what she said about our time of working together.  And the best news is, she went on to marry her new love – and I was invited to the wedding!  What a beautiful self love – love story. Working With Ali Has Changed My  Life! “I met Ali at a networking group a few years ago and I can honestly say that meeting her and subsequently working with her has changed my life! I was in a rut. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I was stuck in a bad relationship and very unhappy. I had lost ‘me’. I did know I wanted more from life both personally and professionally. Something had to change but I didn’t know where to start. Through the programme that I undertook with Ali I learnt so much about myself, what I wanted and needed from life, what was holding me back, and better still, I gained the strength to move forward. I am now in a wonderful relationship and extremely happy. I am also building my business and looking forward to the future with excitement. I have learnt to dream and to create a better life for myself and those around me.    Ali is an inspiration and I am looking forward to working with her again soon.” Teresa Davenport – Property Expert If you’d like to experience, true transformation in your life, let’s have a conversation about what you’d like to achieve. I have a few spaces in my diary this week to connect with you to discuss how I may be able to support you. Just message back and let me know where you are now, what your struggles are and we’ll explore how I can best serve you.  It is time. With love Ali xx

I did it! Now, it’s your turn

I’m smiling as I write this to you.  There was a time when I’d have been apologising and feeling guilty for my absence on social media or sending out to my list.  Now, I choose to let that go, I – nor you, need be apologetic for taking care of ourselves.  You see, I’ve been giving my own life a big shake up and over the last 6 weeks or so and have wrapped myself in a beautiful, pink bubble of happiness and new-ness.  And that’s OK!! Ohhhhh yeaaaahhhh baaaaby! If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I made the ‘brave move’ to sell my home, put everything I now own into storage and… Just walked away.  Yikes, I broke the rules and the sky didn’t fall in, there was no thunderbolt of lightning! I walked away without a detailed plan, without a new home to go to, without a need to know what’s next, putting trust in myself and in the Universe.  Walking my talk. And, it’s all working out more beautifully than I could have imagined: I’m experiencing huge personal insights (I’ll share some of these over the coming weeks) I’ve been visiting my family all over the UK Transformed my relationship with my love Spending time with special friends Seeing parts of the country and seasides I’ve not visited before Going where I feel inspired Booking onto a retreat And I’ve continued working with my fabulous clients via Skype and in person! If you’d like to read more about my story from before I sold up, you can read my blog here, where I shared why I needed to do this, how I felt the soulful nudges and what’s next. I’ve had some fabulous times with my girls since my ‘brave move’ and I trust inspired them to continue taking their leaps of faith and to live their truth – just as they continue to inspire me. So, I’d like to lovingly turn the tables and ask you some juicy questions: What stops you from living the life you’d love to be living? What would you be doing if you weren’t afraid? What holds you back from owning your truth? What stops you spending more time with family and friends? What soulful nudges are you experiencing? Where would you go, to feel inspired? What stops you from creating or earning the money you deserve? What is your next ‘brave move’?   And I’d  L-O-V-E to hear from you, lovely!  Share with me your answers to the questions, I’d love to receive a message back from YOU! Much love Ali xx      

6 Steps to Freedom

Are you really loving what you’re doing?  Or are you doing it because you think you have to? Have you found yourself doing something in your life that you don’t actually enjoy doing but you feel you should keep on doing it anyway?  Maybe you watched your own mother doing it?  Maybe you took on a role early on and now it seems like it’s your responsibility, and yours alone. Perhaps you are a perfectionist and if you didn’t do ‘it’ properly, you’d feel unhappy or give yourself a hard time?  It’s good to check in with yourself how important that actually is to you, or is that just a habit too?  Who do you think will really be judging you?  Who taught you to be a perfectionist?  Does what they said, really matter now?  You can set yourself free. It’s a great idea to take a moment every few months to create an inventory of your life and business tasks.  As you grow, expand your life and business, you’ll find that you can let go of some tasks.  You can pay someone else to help you, you can delegate or you can just stop doing them all together.   And that can feel quite strange at first – and exhilarating too. When I first hired a Virtual Assistant to help me in my business, I wondered if I could afford it, so I just hired her for a few hours a month.  It felt so strange letting go and handing over.  Taking that step though, helped me to expand and my business grew quickly as a result. You’ll find that by letting go, you let something new in.  You’ll have more time to focus on what you truly love to do.  You may create new space for new clients to come in.  You’ll feel lighter and more energetic, inspired which will have you attracting more ideas and lightness into your life. Here’s where to begin: 1) Make a list of every task you do each day/week/month in your life e.g. Laundry, clean home, food shopping… 2) Make a list of everything you do each day/week/month in or on your business e.g. prepare social media marketing, write a blog, work with clients… 3) Go through your lists and score them off on a scale of 1 – 10, with one being that you don’t enjoy the task and 10 being that you love the task.  Feel into the energy of each item.  Does it light you up, or does it feel heavy or draining? 4) What right now is zapping your time and energy – or just doesn’t feel fun to you?   Look at everything that scores less than a ‘7’ and go through each again and consider what you don’t enjoy about the task. If you took some training, would it be easier, quicker and more enjoyable? Do you have to do it, or come someone else take on that role? What can be delegated – and to whom? What could make it more enjoyable? Does it have to be done at all?  Who says it does? 5) If you stop, delegate or gain some training on those tasks with a lower score, what difference will this mean to you?  What will you gain?  What will you lose?  If you have more time, how will you use or enjoy that time? 6) When will you begin to make these shifts?  Today, this week?  Or will you put it off until another time? Remember, if you want things to change, you have to make them change and it is ok to break the family patterns of ‘it has to be done this way’ or ‘we’ve always done it this way’.  You can do that.  Let it begin with you.