Your Business Needs Water

I heard a shocking statistic this week – 75% of Americans are dehydrated.  And it won’t just be our American friends – it’ll be many of us around the world.

My holistic therapist Christine, has often reminded me of the importance of drinking more water when she notices my skin absobs more oil when she massages me.  She tells me my skin is thirsty.

This week, be more aware of what you are drinking and how much.  For your body to function well you need to keep it hydrated otherwise your brain will feel foggy, your body will feel sluggish, you may gain a headache, sleepless nights, poor skin and other health challenges.  Not how you want to feel as you grow your business.

Over time I believe that often when we think we’re hungry – we are in fact thirsty.  So this week reach out for a glass of water rather than a snack… maybe not so tastey, but your body will be grateful.

Building a business takes a lot of focus, energy, concentration – and water!

See how different you feel by upping your intake of water – and watch how your business grows!  Expect a miracle!

I write this I’m not just drinking water, I’m swimming in it!  I’m in Barbados where I’m enjoying the sunshine and indulging my passion for frolicking in the ocean.  I’ll share more next week – but do have a look on Facebook or Instagram where you’ll see some of my photos!

Have a great week

With love

Ali x

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