You Are The Miracle!

What a treat I was given the other day!  I was invited to a girl friend’s house for coffee.  She is taking care of a young girl who had just had the most gorgeous baby. 

What a perfect little bundle of joy he is.  His tiny fingers with beautiful nails, his deep sparkling blue eyes opening occasionally to see the world he has just joined, his soft skin and pulled up knees, little gurgling sounds… oh he is just gorgeous!  What a miracle he is.  When you think how the human body can grow and nurture new life – without us having to project manage the 9 months, it really is miraculous. 

And once the baby is born everyone coos, smiles, compliments and says what a miracle – don’t you?  So when does it happen then?

When do we stop being the miracle baby and become ‘just’ me?   You are the miracle, you always have been – you always will be.  What new value could you place on your life remembering this?

It really is time to step up out of your comfort zone and embrace the world with new eyes, knowing that you are loved, respected, valued and more than enough already – exciting times!

Quote of the day: “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein 

Wishing you so much happiness

Ali xx

Ali Soleil – Feminine Self Esteem Mentor

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