Yes YOU Can!

It’s amazing how much you can fit in when you have a deadline, isn’t it?  When your back’s against the wall – it’s then that you find the energy to get everything done.

Over the last week, I’ve been busy recording my first ever Podcast and creating all the pieces that need to go with that.  It’s all new to me and it has taken me out of my comfort zone many times as I navigate my way around the software and make the recordings.  Thank you so much to the inspiring ladies who I’ve interviewed already!  I can’t wait to share the recordings with you when they go live next month.

My fabulous VA is pulling all the pieces together behind the scenes – thank heavens!!! – so it can all be found on iTunes and beyond.

And I’ve fitted in a drive back from Devon to the Midlands, hospital appointments in Berkshire, collected a ‘knee scooter’ from London (I’ll tell you more about that, another day), a 2 day round trip back to Devon from the Midlands to look at 2 houses to rent… (another cream tea!!!) found pretty outfits + all the bits and pieces for 2 weddings I’m going to this weekend in the Lake District and next week in Scotland, sorting out logistics with my girls – and of course… I’ve worked with my amazing coaching clients!

I can’t believe how much I’m fitting in to each day, whilst managing my disability, living out of my suitcase and how so much of it is taking me out of my comfort zone as I fit it all in – it’s giving me a bit of a buzz!

  • So what’s that thing you say you want to do, but just don’t have time right now?
  • What are you putting off, that really you could make a start on?
  • What are the excuses and ‘story’ you tell yourself?
  • What support do you need, so that you can make your brave move?
  • Who can help you?

Some handy tips for you to try out!

Set yourself a deadline too.

I often find setting a timer on my mobile phone helps me to get what needs to be done in the time I have allowed.

Dump all your ‘to do’ tasks into your jotter and choose which is most important and urgent first.  This becomes part of your daily/weekly plan.

Switch off all distractions, such as Facebook, the radio

Have a break, some fresh air between tasks

Celebrate each time you tick off something from your list!  Yay!  High five!

Have a brilliant weekend and let me know how you get on with setting yourself deadlines to complete what’s important to you.
You can do it.  I believe in you.

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