Willingness v’s Action

Your willingness to create a better life for yourself holds the key to your success.

A life that brings you to the deepest joy and the greatest relief and gratitude.

Being willing to create a better life, maybe the key, but it is only part of the story – you have to know what success means to you and why it’s oh-so important to you. And then – you have to do something!

I want you to imagine yourself one year from now, being in the same position with your relationships, money, your home, and all those things that just get on your nerves… Doesn’t feel so good does it?

Someone once said something like this “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always gotten”  I believe I’m paraphrasing from Mr ‘Model T’ Ford… anyway, I want you give you a loving nudge today.

Take the step!  A baby step if you like.  Just do one thing today to move you forward.

It could be make a list of action steps, journal your thoughts to help you gain some clarity, ask for help, say you’re sorry to someone… you know what you need to do next.

You deserve to have the life you desire – and you have the power to bring it home to you.

I believe in you.

Now go and – do it!  Feel free to drop me an email Ali and let me know what baby step or giant leap you’re going to make.

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