Who am I to do that?

So many of us have dreams which never come to fruition. It breaks my heart for women who have sacrificed so much to raise their children and support their partners, never having THEIR dreams come true. We can be so used to putting others first that we just continually put our dreams on the back burner.
And then we lose confidence in our selves, and wonder “who am I to do that/have that/become that?” – who are you not to…?

If this resonates with you, find yourself a trusted peer who will hold you accountable to take steps forward every day – but better still, find a coach with with whom you resonate, who can hold the vision of your dream, see you beyond what you think you’re capable of, who will help you map out a plan and work with you to clear the blocks in your way, hold you accountable and cheer you on. You deserve to have a great life!
Click on the link ‘working with me’ to see how I could help you. Let’s do this!

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