Wealth Conscious Tip!

Have you noticed that when you feel a ‘lack’ of wealth – small amounts on money can seem a stretch?  You question what you’ll spend your pennies on – and when it comes to charging your worth, you feel uncomfortable charging for your services?  And it can create a vicious circle.

It seems to me that our wealth consciousness grows and contracts depending on how we’re feeling about our self and our business.

This week, what can you do to raise your wealth conscious mindset?  To improve your relationship with money.  Money coming in and money going out.  Take a deep breath, relax and choose to feel more wealthy (even if your bank balance doesn’t agree in this moment).  Breathe slowly and deeply allowing yourself to smile and imagine your bank account filling up with money.

One of my favourite ways is to take a trip either in person or online to a top department store, such as Harrods in London.  A few weeks ago, I wandered around their beautiful departments and then sat in their Godiva Chocolate Cafe, and indulged in cake and tea – journalled and people watched.  I didn’t mind being there on my own, I was ‘working’ on my wealth conscious.

Just see how they have customers who happily and easily spend thousands of pounds on luxury goods, they see value in the service and goods.  There is no lack of money in the world – you just want to be in a position to call it into your own experience and make this fun!  Because it is!

You are meant to be doing this work – you were born to be a change in the world, not to struggle, that’s just happened though misguided beliefs.  It’s time to course correct.  Through embracing your natural gifts you serve others to shift their own situations – and you too, are meant to live the best life.

And be open to miracles opening up for you.  Expect a miracle!

Have a great week, feel wealthy!

With love

Ali x

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