There must be more…

In the past, as a divorced woman, as a broken hearted fiancée, as an empty nester there have been times I’ve felt as low as anyone could be. Back then, I thought “Is this it? Is this my life? There must be more to life than this…” And the bottom line is, you have to make a choice, IF you want things to be different. (Even if you think you’re not currently choosing, unconsciously you already are.)

I chose each time to pull myself back up. Even when I questioned and double doubted myself, I chose not to give up. And you can too.

Whilst my life isn’t perfect, it is pretty fabulous now. We all have a back story and we’re all work in progress.

If you want more for your life and from your life, never settle for less than you deserve and please don’t give up in your pursuit for a great life. I believe in you X

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