The pain is in the question

Take your time. There is no rush. Big decisions need space to breathe and percolate. Lower and relax your tense shoulders, breathe deeply. We have a habit of holding our breath sometimes when we’re in indecision, have you noticed?

Go to a different space in your home or office – better still give yourself permission to go for a walk – and a new perspective. Relax. No rush.

As a close friend said to me this week, “the pain is in the question”. Yes, indecision is gut wrenching, uncomfortable, heavy and draining.

So relax. There is no rush. What does your heart say, inner guidance? Which option takes you closer to your desire, your goal? Which option makes you feel expansive? Which moves you forward?

Once you’ve chosen, you’ll feel better, lighter, more at ease, expansive and on purpose. And breathe.

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