I did it! I Showed My Midlife Midriff!😎 

Shall I? Shan’t I? Have you ever wanted to wear a gorgeous outfit but you talked yourself out of it because you were concerned what others might think? Or wanted to share a video or record a Facebook Live – but worried what kind of reaction you would get? I know I have. Don’t let the negative self talk stop you from showing up and stealing your truth. Last week I was in sunny Cyprus with Andrew – and as you’ll remember one of my personal negative stories I’ve been telling myself for years, was that in my 50’s with scars, cellulite, a wobbly midlife midriff… I wasn’t comfortable to be seen in a bikini and so have hidden in one piece swimsuits. So on this holiday, I decided to call out that limiting belief for what it was and showed up poolside wearing my new bikinis. How did it feel? I felt very nervous when I took off my cover up. Did anyone gasp in horror? NO Did anyone even notice? NO Did the world stop turning? NO Did I survive? YES!! Did I feel good after a short while? YES really good!! I felt GREAT! And it felt totally empowering to breaking a limiting belief! Now, you may not bat an eyelid about wearing a bikini – and that’s great. But I wonder: Where are you holding yourself back and not showing up fully? I want to encourage you to be braver this week. How will you be more visible in your life and in your business? What’s the outcome you would love to have? Are you ‘walking your talk’? To help you feel braver, download, read and take action using the the second recent free workbook which I created for you ‘How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Visible’. Inside I’ll reveal to you: Why you fear being visible Coaching questions to ask yourself How to overcome the fear And how to receive empowering messages from your female ancestors Download your free workbook here. I’ve already had much positive feedback about the guide and workbook – it’s given some a much needed ‘nudge’, others have said it’s been ‘great advice’ and that they are now ‘taking action’ – and that it’s inspiring to see me ‘walking my talk’. Let me know how you intend to be braver this week? Tag me in any of your social media posts or email me to let me know!! I’ll be cheering you on and doing my best happy dance for you! Much love Ali xx

That negative voice inside

Oh my goodness, being in business is absolutely not for the faint of heart! Do you agree? All your insecurities – those which you knew about and those which you didn’t know you had, bubble up from time to time. You slap one down and another pops up! It doesn’t get easier because you’re now older, the inner meanie still has a lot of rubbish to say! ‍ Does any of this resonate with you? ❎ Can I even do this? ❎ What if no one buys? ❎ I’m scared to be visible ❎ I’m too old, it’s all about millennials now ❎ What will my family and friends think about what I share? I feel really awkward… ❎ I’m not ready… ❎ I need one more qualification, then I’ll be ready… ❎ The timing isn’t right… ❎ What will people think if I charge high end prices? ❎ What if it doesn’t work? Yikes! Those are 10 of the most common challenges, I hear from my gorgeous clients as I support them to take the steps forward. Each of them is just a thought. A belief is just a thought you choose to think… 🤔 It doesn’t make it true. You are ready, you are enough, its nobody else’s business but yours and it is the perfect time! Let’s bust through those inner meanie thoughts! Want my help? Click on ‘work with me’ in the tab above and we’ll have a chat to discover if I can help.

[sale] Evolve as you serve

Hey gorgeous lady, Today I go into hospital for an operation on my left hand.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to the experience exactly, but I am looking forward to losing the ‘spok’ look which has caused some pain and amusement in equal measures!  Well, you have to laugh don’t you?  Having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is an interesting condition for sure. I remember when I was so self conscious about the way I walked because somedays I have quite a limp (so I’m told, I can’t always tell for myself), and I always hid my hands because I was ashamed of them.  I would never paint my nails, because I didn’t want to draw attention to them. When I began my business, I realised that I was going to need to become more visible – because if you’re not visible you can’t be the light house for the clients who are ready to work with you.  And if you don’t have any clients, you don’t have a business.  Becoming visible was a big deal for me, especially being introverted as well!  Blimey, it’s a wonder I ever got my business off the ground isn’t it? Ha ha!  How about you?  Is there something about your body you’re not exactly thrilled with right now?  How’s it affecting you and how you show up? For me, the way I learned to love my body goes hand in hand with my business (no pun intended!).  The more I focused on my message of helping women to rise up, the higher I rose.  The more I helped women to own their truth, the more I owned mine.  You see, if you’re in integrity you walk your talk.   I soon realised that the more I focused on helping my clients and showing up for them, the less I thought about my challenges and the less power the condition had over me.  And after a while, I realised I’d made a huge shift and began to love my body and it’s uniqueness.  Who knows, I may not have been a successful empowerment coach had it not been for the condition… One of the ways I rose up, was to start hosting small workshops – with 5 – 10 people attending at a time.  Of course, I was pretty scared and didn’t really know how to create, market, host, upset – but what I did know, was how to help women to transform themselves. After the first few workshops I realised I’d created a community – Fab Friends Network and from their my business grew.  I was working with clients more deeply in groups and one-on-one.  And I gained visibility online though marketing my workshops and my reach grew internationally. You see, when you start showing up, hosting your own events you’ll find that your confidence increases, your self awareness grows and when you’re joyfully serving at your highest level your body releases all those feel good hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.  And they feels soo good! Over the last few years, I’ve successfully rolled out an online group programme called Workshop Secrets Revealed, showing just how to go from A – Z with your workshop (before, during and competing your workshop).  And I’ve decided that for the next two weeks, I’m going to offer it to you as a home study course at less than half price!  You’ll see there are also some amazing bonuses, including an hour of coaching/mentoring support from me, where I’ll roll my sleeves up and help you on any aspect of your workshop and it could even be helping you to rise up. So if you’re thinking about how you can not only help others, but help yourself too as I did, this could be the big game changer you’ve been waiting for.  It’s a comprehensive programme with everything you need to make your workshop enjoyable and profitable.  Just click here to find out more. This is a flash sale so be quick if this calls to you!  I don’t imagine I’ll ever offer it again at this low, low price. With love Ali xx