Reach out, it’s ok

Wherever you are in your journey of life or in your business we all have times when it feels a struggle. If this is how it feels for you at the moment, just remember that you’re not alone. It’s ok to acknowledge how you really feel; don’t put on the socially acceptable ‘mask’ to hide how you’re really feeling, it’s like papering over the cracks. Reach out to a good friend to chat about how you are feeling or find a counsellor (as I did last summer when I needed some support to help me make sense of how I was feeling with my health challenges) or if you are feeling stuck – a great coach who can help you move forward. It will get better, it will get lighter, the dawn will break – it always does. Hugs Ali xx Ps. Reach out to me for support if you feel I could help, check out my ‘work with me’ packages.

Open for Miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?  Are you familiar with the term ‘Law of Attraction’?  A Course In Miracles says a miracle is simply a ‘shift in perspective’. As always, I want to be transparent with you… I’ve been diving deep into the process of my own personal development, both inner and outer work over the last few years, you may relate to this too.  Some of this is about my physical journey of living with a disability, understanding and owning my relationship with this part of me. Redefining my identity as a Mama who’s children have flown the nest, challenges with my romantic relationship, the decision to set myself free and selling up my home, the coaching world and my place within this changing industry, peri-menopause and the shifts I’ve noticed in my body… getting clear on what’s important to me now. I’ve definitely felt ‘off centre’ at times and decided to take a semi break from social media.  Sometimes it just feels too noisy, does that make sense?  That’s included a break from our Facebook group Global Fab Friends, I’ve not been in the group for many months and that was a conscious decision to give back to myself.  It’s by taking control of your own life that you, re-connect with your spirit, honour your vales and begin to feel refreshed and vital once again.  It’s like ‘coming home’ to yourself.  I’m going to be sharing more about my journey in the coming weeks, as I think it may resonate with you – and help you too. When you make the decision to embark on a personal development journey, it’s a never ending process as you notice and unpick the patterns of thought that hold you back (limiting beliefs) and make sense of the life you’ve created for yourself.  I made a financial investment to get the support I needed, as I was going around and around in circles.  I’m so glad I did! Now feeling this gorgeous sense of vitally again, high vibing, honouring myself, I’m finding the miracles are coming thick and fast once again. You could also say these are synchronicities, coincidences, the Law of Attraction at play or even luck – and you’d be right.  There is no one way to describe them. So what have the big ones been in the last 3 weeks? First Miracle:  Well, as you may know, I’ve been on holiday to Barbados.  My partner and I had booked seats in premium economy – I’ve always wanted to fly Upper Class but it’s not been been something we’ve done.  I always ask to have a look behind the curtain before I leave the plane and I’ve promised myself I would one day travel this way.  Can you imagine my surprise when we checked in our suitcases at Gatwick airport, we were told that the seats in premium economy were over booked and we had been chosen for a complimentary upgrade to Upper Class!  I couldn’t believe my good fortune!  I was SO excited!!!!  A dream come true for sure. I had an intuitive download, that this was gift from the Universe, for finally after 40+ year of denying my condition, being rewarded for having the courage to ask from airport assistance for the first time in my life.  To no longer struggle if I didn’t need to – being open to receiving and having my needs met. Being able to sit with my feet up was fabulous for my challenged ankle joint – and to have a sleep on a flat bed as the plane flew through the sky was just surreal!  I felt so full of gratitude for this incredible gift and had such a spring in my step when I got off the plane. Second Miracle:  Since our last visit to Barbados 2 years ago, I’m connected with a Barbadian chap called Justin via Instagram (I love that social media platform).  I didn’t say where I was staying on Instagram… but secretly I hoped that I’d meet him on my visit.  On my second morning, I caught a glimpse of someone who looked like Justin in the buffet restaurant, getting his breakfast.  I told my partner that I thought it was Justin… my heart fluttered with excitement and I felt my face glowing red. Andrew said “No, it won’t be him, let’s just get seated”… but if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t give up!  After we’d been shown to our table, I went to the buffet to choose my breakfast – and he wasn’t there.  So I weaved my way back through the small restaurant with my breakfast plate in hand – and spotted this chap again at a table with about 8 people… I was shaking… “Hello”  I said… he looked at me – and then to the left and right and back at me… I asked “Are you Justin?”  I waited… “Yes” came back his answer – and I said ‘It’s me, I’m Ali”…. oh my goodness we both beamed with the biggest smiles… What were the chances of that meeting?  Of all the hotels, restaurants, cafes in Barbados, what were the chances of him being where I was staying?  And us both being there at the same time in the morning?  Again nothing short of – miraculous. Third Miracle:  In our hotel room and around the hotel, there were somebeautiful prints of coconut trees and banana trees – each with a special dedication of a member of the royal family.  I admired and studied them greatly… Last Friday, back in the UK I went to meet with my peers for our quarterly Mastermind Meeting – to a sleepy pub/hotel we’d been to so many times before in Yattendon, Berkshire.  I chose to sit in a different place to my usual seat, as I was the first to arrive.  And straight in front of me… were the same pictures!  The coconut trees and banana tress – with the dedication… No way!  Yes way!  I Googled them later and found they were from a The Natural History of Barbados book, dated 1750!  How bizarre that they would be there in Berkshire – and I’ve been in that room so many times before and never seen them. Each of these, feel like miracles and they fill my heart with joy, I feel expanded, alive and now – again I’m expecting miracles to unfold.  Miracles come in so many different ways, big and small.   They remind us that the Universe has our back…   The inner work that I’ve been doing is now rewarding me in so many different ways!  Are you open to miracles? I’m playing with the idea of hosting an intimate retreat in Barbados next year – I feel a deep connection with this tiny, paradise, Caribbean island and I think you would too.  Go on, let me know if this excites you, too? Doing this inner work, clearing out your out dated beliefs and making sense of how life is now… what you really desire for yourself moving forward isn’t for the faint hearted. I didn’t do it alone, that’s almost impossible.  Even as an empowerment coach, I invested in support to have someone witness me, stretch me to think in new ways, to open myself up to what is possible and to rise up again. If you’d like to have a conversation with me about how I could help you to rise again – message me at and we’ll set up an informal call to explore if we’re a good fit for each other. Here’s to the miraculous and creating the life you desire! Love Ali xx

I’ve turned 50!

Yay!  It was my birthday last week and as you may have seen from Instagram or Facebook that my partner swept me off to my birth city of Edinburgh, for a beautiful break.  50 years ago, I was born and spent my early years in Edinburgh.  It felt the perfect time to go back – to where it all began for me. It was so much fun getting about on the local trams and buses, using Google maps to help choose the best routes and where to find our next stop.  I do love an adventure!  Visiting my first home and admiring the garden wall, that still stands after my father built 50 years ago.  You see, we leave our mark as we journey through life, in so many different ways. A few days after my trip away, at family celebratory meal and after a walk around the incredible gardens at Stourhead, Wiltshire my Uncle Geoffrey asked me (flippantly 😉 ) if I felt any different being 50.  And I paused.  Yes.  I do feel differently.  I see life in chapters, how about you?  I can summarise my childhood, teenage years, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and I now have a fresh new chapter to create. He wasn’t expecting that!  Then he reminded me that every day is a chance for a new beginning – and that is true too. Whichever chapter / decade you are in, choose now to make it one that stands outs for all the right reasons. Make this decade, the one where you: Rose up again and blossomed in all areas of your life Felt deep love within your own heart and the one where you gave and received love like – never before Made a conscious choice each day, to do something that made you: feel good, learn something new and felt at peace perhaps for just a few moments – especially on days when you faced significant challenges You spoke up and powerfully said what needed to be said, even if you were feeling uncomfortable Took a leap of faith, did something new, even when your knees knocked with uncertainty Created new friendships with those who enriched your life, inspired you, stretched you and who valued you Made it a priority to spend time with your most supportive friends and family Let go of the toxic, unsatisfying and draining relationships in your life Visited the places you’d always wanted to go, and felt free, inspired and happy Began honouring yourself finally, breaking free – with big picture thinking and letting go of the small stuff The chapter when you said, “I deserve more, I deserve better” – and you got it! Ahhhh… You beautiful soul.  I want you to know from my heart to yours that you are perfect just as you are.  You are strong.  You are safe and you are loved. Yes.  You.  Are. I’ll be in touch soon, I’m just scoffing the last of my birthday cakes! Much love Ali xx    

Will You Give Up?

What do you want?  Right now… what do you desire?  Go on, close your eyes and feel it…. And ask yourself “why is it important to me?”  What difference will it make to you to make this happen?  When the going get’s tough, will you keep going?  Or will you give up? As you know, I sold my place in March with the intention of exploring inspiring place and growing my business from Italy, USA and beyond. What I didn’t know a few months ago, was that the rheumatoid arthritis which my body has experienced since childhood was going to flare as I awaited treatment.  I’ve now had the two infusions of this drug and it will take some weeks or months to feel the benefit. Being completely honest with you, I’ve found it really hard to stay positive at times when it’s been a real struggle to be mobile.  And I’m anticipating my left ankle being replaced later this year.  There have been many tears of frustration and pain.  There have been really down days.  And I’ve been wondering if and when I’ll be well enough to fulfil my desire of travelling.  Remember that 1980’s band, Simple Minds?  Well I recently discovered they were playing an acoustic concert in London last Sunday.  As I knew my daughter Becky loves their music too, I asked her if she’d like to come with me.  I booked the concert tickets, a hotel in Covent Garden and my train ticket.  And then my ego kicked in…. What?  How are you going to do that?  How are you going to manage getting on and off the train?  How will you carry your bag?  How will you get from place to place?  Instead of being excited, I was anxious, my heart sunk…. what had I done?  I questioned myself… maybe it was too much for me.  It would be easier not to go.  Easier to stay in.  A relief not to face the fear and the additional pain. And then, I pulled myself together. I was going to blooming go!  Sometimes we have to hold our own feet to the fire, to achieve what we really desire. Giving up was not an option.   And I’d take my folding walking stick in my bag. So I went and you know what? Yes, it was painful and challenging – but I did it!  I had the best time. The gig was incredible, I sang, d-a-n-c-e-d by my seat and laughed with Becky.  The next day, I even managed to get to the National Gallery to explore some Rembrandt paintings and Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in the Inner Circle of Regent’s Park to smell the fragrance – and to remember how sweet life can be. To think I could have missed out on this. I returned to where I’m staying with such a big smile on my face.  Feeling on a real high.  This had been a pivotal moment in my personal journey. I am not giving up on my dreams – and neither should you.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Don’t give up, if what you want is important to you.  Don’t give in to self doubt.  Don’t listen to those who would rather you stay safe and small.  Even if you wonder if you have the energy or the strength (you do btw!). Do what lights you up, even if it’s a stretch. Do believe in yourself and your dreams – you have them for a reason. Keep going. So what does this mean to me… well, I’ve got the evidence that I even when it feels challenging, painful, I can still do it.  So before my ankle is replaced, I’m going to have this adventure.  I’m not going to let anything stop me.   And neither should you! Here’s to your dreams, your determination and your happiness. I love you and I believe in you. Ali x

Keep Going!

There maybe times in your business when you just wonder if it’s all worth it… You may feel like giving up… Throwing the towel in because it feels like such a mountain, wondering where your clients are, feeling exhausted, feeling invisible. I want you to know you’re doing great. All entrepreneurs go through highs and lows in their businesses – it’s a universal law of polarity. You will get through this time, the work YOU have been chosen to do, is needed in the world – and right now you are just a few feet from gold. Keep going. Yes – make some tweaks, get supported by a coach (I’m here for you) find a mastermind buddy, take small and big consistent steps steps every day and spend more time visualising and feeling success and less time locked in doubt and fear. You can do this! I believe in you! ☀️