Corona Changes Us All

Isn’t it astonishing how much has changed in our world and in own personal worlds over the last 5 weeks or so? Who could have predicted this? Most of us are creatures of habit and in general we tend to stick with our usual routines. Whilst there are times when we feel restless and may crave significant change in our lives, the comfort and security we gain from continuing to live life as we have done, often out weighs the risk or fear of change. But, here we are – in the midst of a global pandemic with our lives changed in so many ways. Of course there are new concerns, uncertainty and stresses… and this ‘lock down’ also gives us all an opportunity to reflect on what we are gaining from this significant shift – this new paradigm. * What is working in your life and what needs to be changed. * What is important to you now? * What are you valuing? * Who is important to you – who are you reaching out to reconnect with? * How are you adapting? * Where are you saving – money, time, energy? * What new skills are you learning? * What are you giving yourself permission to do, be or have? * What would you like to be doing differently when life returns to some sort of ‘normal’? * What/who are you grateful for especially at this time? This morning on the Fab Friends Sisterhood Circle we all thought of a few ways that ‘lock down’ is giving us new opportunities. You may like to write a letter to your future self about what you have learned so far about yourself and your life so that you don’t slip back into the old ways when we return to some sort of ‘normal’.

Feeling more me, at 51

I love this stage of my life. I’ve heard it referred to as the ‘September Years’. At 51 years round the sun, I think I’m still in my ‘August Years’ 😄 ⠀⠀ ✅ I really don’t feel the need or desire to hold my tummy in! ⠀⠀ ✅ I care a lot less (still working in this) about what others think of me. ⠀⠀ ✅ If I need a nap, I’ll take a nap. ⠀⠀ ✅ I don’t say “sorry” for every little thing. I use to apologise to my own shadow! ⠀⠀ ✅ If I don’t want to do something, I’ll say so – I don’t do it and feel frustrated. ⠀⠀ How about you? Do these resonate with you?

Menopause is part of your evolution

You get to choose! At this stage of our lives ladies, whether you’re peri menopausal or menopausal, many of us feel a sense of loss and in an ending. Not just our bodies ability to reproduce, but a sense of loss in ourselves. You might not feel so confident as you once did, your identity as you’ve know it is changing, your body is also changing internally and externally, hot sweats and sleepless nights may affect your energy levels. This natural time in your evolution as a woman, gives you the opening for a new adventure. The truth is, right here, right now sister, you get to choose which path you want to travel, same old, same old or this can become your most exciting chapter yet, where you rise up, reinvent yourself, embrace who you are now, learn to ride the symptoms, give yourself permission to empower yourself and decide what, how, where you live. You may have spent decades caring and being in service for your family – and now it’s time for you to put yourself centre stage to claim and create a life you feel passionate about. Embrace this new chapter. You deserve it! Rise up! ❤️ Click on ‘work with me’ at the top of this page to explore how I could help you to reinvent yourself!

You have permission

Give yourself permission. To. Follow. Your. Inner. Guidance. If you are feeling the inner nudge and need a quiet space to focus on building your dreams, business – take it! If you need an early night (as I did after my long day yesterday) – take it! Be unapologetic. Listen to your body, listen to your inner guidance and follow it’s lead. It’s ok. You can do this!

Embrace Your Empty Nest

Embrace being an empty nester! This time often brings more freedom to your life… It’s YOUR time now!! Does your heart yearn for new adventures? Are you unsure what’s next for you? 🌸 After the initial rawness of children flying the nest, it’s good to start focusing on YOUR own desires, what you’d like to have, do, experience or become in this next chapter of your life. ✨ Take yourself to a quiet place, be still, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, smile. See your future self happy, healthy, confidence and successful. Tap into your inner guidance and ask yourself what’s next for me? Allow yourself time to hear your hearts desires, bursts of inspiration. Repeat this exercise often and give yourself permission to enjoy the process. Let go of any limiting self talk that bubbles up. ✨ Keep a notebook or journal and jot down whatever comes to you (it’s easy to forget and allows you to clear your mind) ✨ Explore each one with an open mind, even if it seems impossible or crazy. Be playful. ✨ Choose one that you feel most drawn to, break it down each down into smaller steps. 🌸 Take the first step, It’s YOUR time now! I’d love to hear what comes up for you and what you are choosing in this chapter of your life!