The trousers said “no way!”

Since moving down to Devon just over a year ago, I’ve been so happy to living in the land of the cream tea! I’ve loved cooking up all sorts of new dishes and creating cakes and bakes galore. And it’s true that once we’re in the menopausal years, the pounds don’t tend to shed so quickly – I always used to be healthily slender – no more.  It isn’t something I’m overly concerned about, but when I tried on some new trousers in my local city after Christmas, I’m sure I could hear them scream at me “ha ha! I don’t think so – who are you kidding?”.  “Any good?”  the shop assistant said. I replied “no… they are something to aim for”. So as last year I was pretty sedentary before and following my ankle replacement operation – and didn’t meet many local people in my new area – it’s all going to change! Slimming World have groups in Honiton and after turning up on the wrong day the first week “why won’t the door open?” Oh yeah… “it’s not Tuesday”… I enrolled the following week. It’s been quite fun exploring the concept of weight loss and health benefits – not to mention which sugary and fatty foods I could be swapping or cutting out. Body image is important to us all, it’s part of your identity – partly what makes you, you. So looking after my body is something I need to take a little more care about – after all, I live within it. So last week I lost my first 1.5lbs just by cutting out the cakes, biscuits and chocolate and ramping up my intake of fresh fruit.  I’ll let you know how I get on!

What is your power?

Yes! 💪🏼⚡️What is your power anyway? When you know what you’re called to be, do or have and it’s your deep truth which whispers to you over and over, it’s that guidance which speaks to you from within… Which demands to be heard. It’s what you take a stand for. It’s that cause which makes your blood boil with rage. It’s that passion you feel. Harness that energy and use it for good. Draw on that truth, even when the road gets bumpy, even when you hear a “no”, even when self doubt comes up and you wonder if you can go on. Use your superpower for good! You have been chosen and you can handle it. The Universe has your back. Love, you!

Hear me on a Podcast!

It’s always such a joy to get into a deep and juicy conversation with someone who also shares my passion for breaking the ‘rules’ and creating a new way of living which aligns to your values and truth – even if you’re in midlife! @brilliantgamble Blaire Palmer invited onto her podcast show and we nattered about my experience of selling up and living from my car for 9 months. You can hear the podcast episode here I have to say this convo was one of my favs! Take a listen!

Who am I to do that?

So many of us have dreams which never come to fruition. It breaks my heart for women who have sacrificed so much to raise their children and support their partners, never having THEIR dreams come true. We can be so used to putting others first that we just continually put our dreams on the back burner. And then we lose confidence in our selves, and wonder “who am I to do that/have that/become that?” – who are you not to…? If this resonates with you, find yourself a trusted peer who will hold you accountable to take steps forward every day – but better still, find a coach with with whom you resonate, who can hold the vision of your dream, see you beyond what you think you’re capable of, who will help you map out a plan and work with you to clear the blocks in your way, hold you accountable and cheer you on. You deserve to have a great life! Click on the link ‘working with me’ to see how I could help you. Let’s do this!

Managing autoimmune disease

Truth is, some days I just want to sleep. I’ve been managing an autoimmune disease for over 40 years and it’s often painful and tricky. Somedays, it can zap my energy. I’m now almost 5 months post op, from my replacement ankle. I’m also being treated for suspected Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is excruciatingly painful 😖 I’m sharing this because it isn’t all rosy in my life and social media often paints a picture of people’s perfect lives and that can be harmful, because it’s just not true. It triggers comparison in all of us. We all have ‘something’ going on in our lives. Let your comparison triggers show you what you’d like next in your life, but never EVER let them make you feel less than. You’re doing great! You are getting it right! If you can believe it, take the steps, you’ll see it.