Are you good at receiving?

After visiting the ‘powder room’ – yes, it’s really called that, we were showed to a raised seating area where afternoon tea was being served. What a wonderful time we had. As my young daughter paid the bill, I let go of the guilt and felt hugely overwhelmed by her love and kindness; it was such a spectacular birthday and I felt truly blessed. I am sharing a photo and a mini video of our time at The Ritz, I hope you enjoy.

How can I stop spending money?

If you want to spend to feel good, consider what emotion you will feel after you buy the… dress, chocolate bar, the seminar ticket, Starbucks treat, the magazine you may or not read – what is that emotion? Often immediately it is one of delight or joy – but if this is short lived and replaced with one of guilt, worry or disappointment then you have your answer as to buy or not to buy.

Who are you helping?

We must help ourselves and grown emotionally strong before we can unconditionally help others. If we do not take care of ourselves, consider ourselves as numero uno then who will? We must learn to love ourselves, respect ourselves and feel good in our own company. We are on this earth to have a rich and fulfilling experience – not to allow ourselves to become lost in the jungle of a chaotic life or worse to become a doormat. It is our own responsibility to make our life fulfilling, no one else’s. I do not want to leave this earth feeling like I’ve been a passenger on the bus – but the driver of my own journey. Is that true for you too?