From Stress to Peace

During this global pandemic it’s easy for us to get caught up in the distress, overwhelm and anxiety of what is happening to people and economies of all countries – and especially those who are our nearest and dearest. You may worry about your own health and well being – that is normal. I will always be an advocate of taking care of your mind, body and spirit. These 3 parts are all interconnected and need to be nurtured and looked after. When your mind is whirling away doing whatever you can to relax your body and stay grounded. Every time you feel yourself slipping into an anxious state acknowledge your feelings – they are valid. On my twice weekly group call, I shared 7 ways you can practice daily, which may help you to feel more grounded and relaxed especially during this often overwhelming time. 1.  Close your eyes, still your mind. Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly count to 3, hold your breath for the count of 3 and exhale from your mouth slowly. Repeat this for 3 rounds. How do you feel now? 2.  Get outside however you can. Most of us are allowed outside for one hour of exercise a day. Even if it means going out in the evening, take that hour and consciously take notice and look at the beauty of nature all around you. Time time to feel the air on your skin, is it cold, warm? What signs of spring can you see? Colours, fragrances. Can you hear bird sound? Notice how spring continues to unfurl. Feel your body soften as you slow down. 3.  When you get out of bed in the morning, imagine stepping into or pulling up a big, gorgeous bubble around you – a protective shield. You can imagine it to be any colour your like. Set an intention for this bubble to keep all negative energies away from ‘getting to you’ – from other people (energy vampires), upsetting Covid-19 stories in the news and anything else you would like to be protected from. I always imagine that those negative energies just ‘ping’ off me, like arrows failing to hit a target. 4.  One of my guides, Gabrielle Bernstein has a beautiful de-stress and empowering tool. I’ve been using this for years. Touch your index finger against your thumb and then each finger your thumb in turn and say “peace, begins, with, me.” You can choose another positive feeling – and say “joy, begins, with, me”. Practice this until you feel at peace. 5.  Take time each day to do something that takes you out of stress and into peace. What do you love to do for you? What will you give yourself permission to do? Have a bubble bath? Yoga? Read a book? Write a letter to a friend or loved one? 6.  Create or double down on daily spiritual practice. Take time each day to still you mind during meditation, burn incense, defuse essential oil, listen to devotional music. Read an inspiring book – even if that means dipping in and reading random passages and pages. 7.  Each day, say to yourself and/or write down what you are grateful for we can easily overlook our blessings. The roof over our head, food in our cupboards, the courageous NHS and all front line workers… technology to keep in touch with family and friends. The increased community spirit and volunteers behind the scenes who make life so much better for all of us. We will get through this time. We are all in this together. It’s normal for you to feel stressed and that is ok – it’s also ok to move into peace and calm. I’m here for you.

Life is Fragile – You ARE Strong

The world over has been reeling from the devastating Hurricane Irma and Harvey, the fires in California, earthquakes in Mexico, flooding in India, Nepal, Bangladesh as well as recent terrorist attacks.  You may know someone who has been caught up in these terrible events and as my email goes out around the world, if that’s you, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I returned this week from my holiday in Barbados in the Caribbean, it was a wonderful time away and we were fortunate that Hurricane Irma’s presence, only meant the ocean was whipped up for a few days and beaches closed to swimmers.  I chatted quietly with a number of Bajan locals who were waiting  desperately for news of family and friends in the neighbouring islands… and as the time went on, they finally received word that their loved ones were safe. One of my daughter’s childhood friends Kat, was in Miami and despite her best efforts to leave, had to stay where she was.  She was scared, unprepared, emotional as she sent her love to her cherished family and friends and awaited the full force of Hurricane Irma. It was a life changing experience for her.  A time for us all to reflect on the fragility of life.  A deep sense of thankfulness for coming through the other side.  And Kat realised, just how STRONG she is… we’ve always told her she’s strong, but she finally got it. YOU ARE STRONG TOO.  Never doubt that.  In the face of adversity you draw deep on strength and inner power you always have available to you. Remember a time when you experienced that?  Channel this inner power and use it  whenever you’re faced with a steep challenge.  RISE UP. I know I am here to support women to feel empowered and to rise up again.  It’s at times like this that my mission feels deepened and more urgent. I’d like you to consider what’s really important to you right now? If you weren’t afraid, what would you be doing differently? What do you need to do next? Who would you like to send a note of appreciation or love to? Who is it time to forgive and unburden yourself in the process? If you can find a way to contribute to one of the funds to help those who are homeless rebuild their lives, please do so.  If that’s not possible, please take a moment to be still, close your eyes, breathe deeply so you feel the life force within you, and connect, heart to heart with those who right now need to feel loved, that they matter and that their is hope. It feels a bit insensitive to talk about my holiday miracles now, so I’m going to save them and share with you next week. Stay safe, stay thankful and I’m sending you my love. Ali xx  

Expect A Miracle

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to expect a miracle every week?  Are you ready to call in yours? There are times when you feel you are flying high – when everything you touch seems to turn into gold… and that’s a good feeling right? And let’s be honest, we also experience the opposite. There are times when you desire more and yet it just doesn’t seem to come your way. This week, focus on where you are gaining happiness, joy or good results! Take time to appreciate what is going well and feel the feelings of abundance.  It could be love, it could be great connections – it could be clients you’re working with currently. If you want to experience more – know that where there is a trickle there is a stream.  Where there is a stream there is a river.  Where there is a river there is an ocean.  Remember to stay in appreciation and be open to miracles this week. With love Ali x

Every Day, In Every Way…

Right now, my body is getting used to being without strong drugs and the rheumatoid arthritis is definitely letting me know it’s missing them. What is great is that I don’t feel like a victim to this condition. It’s just something I’m going through today in this moment…