Let’s practice forgiveness

And exhale! 💆🏼‍♀️How about just for today (and then tomorrow…) we all stop worrying about getting it right or being perfect. I know I’ve spent so much time as a mother, a daughter, a partner, a friend, a woman with a business trying to get it right and it’s exhausting at times, right? Being the ‘good girl’. So let’s practice forgiving ourselves and being kinder to ourselves? It’s only when we put down the need to get it right (our ego) that we are really true to who we are (our spirit). Someone once said ‘done is better than perfect’, I’ll take that!

I didn’t know who I was

I remember how my confidence was rock bottom 😔 I’d become so detached from myself. I had become the ultimate people pleaser, always there for others and yet continually betraying myself and my own needs. Abandoning my dreams. I wasn’t sure who I really was anymore… or what I stood for. I often felt like a doormat and that made me feel frustrated. . Now I’m a confident woman, with strong boundaries and have won awards for helping other women to rise up as I have done. . Click on the tab above ‘work with me’ to find out how I can help you! You DO matter and you CAN change your life. Take a stand for your own life, and happiness. It’s NEVER too late to live your life in full vibrant technicolour, feeling heard and seen.

Empty nest grief

You may feel this incredible sense of loss once your children have grown and flown. It’s only natural that you may feel that way, especially after you’ve nurtured them for perhaps almost 2 decades, I get it. It’s the life you’ve know for such a long time. If you feel it, know that it’s normal to grieve. Go on, feel proud of the role you played in bringing them into the world, looking after them and teaching them how to thrive in their new found independence. You did it Mama! You deserve a flipping medal! 🏅You’re blooming brilliant! At times it was tough, and you got through it, never giving up. All that organising, negotiating, championing, sleepless nights when they weren’t happy, sacrificing at times – you’re a blooming star for loving them so fiercely 🤩 Mama Bear! You’re the heroine. I congratulate you 🏆Big love and big respect Mama. Love you

Empty nest loneliness

When both my children had grown and flown, I felt an emptiness I’d not felt before. It was a loneliness and a yearning for my little girls. I spent a long time in this vacuum of time until I began to embrace this time in my life for what it really was, a new beginning… Here’s to new chapters – and opening doors! 🚪

Using your voice for good

Hey love, one of the benefits of being in my mid-years is that I have found my voice. How about you? Do you feel more confident to speak your truth, even when you’re not sure how it will land with the other person? ⠀⠀ You see the more we use our voices – even when it feels uncomfortable, the easier it becomes the next time we need to speak out. ⠀⠀ The more we assert ourselves when we call out inappropriate behaviour at in our close relationships, at work, with our clients etc be it controlling, bullying, misogynistic we may have to dig deep to find our voice – but it’s there, you have it and the more you speak out loud about what you take a stand for, the easier it will become. ⠀⠀ You may have made sacrifices as a mother, but now as an empty nester, do not betray your own happiness, dreams or truth. Take a stand for YOU.