The trousers said “no way!”

Since moving down to Devon just over a year ago, I’ve been so happy to living in the land of the cream tea! I’ve loved cooking up all sorts of new dishes and creating cakes and bakes galore. And it’s true that once we’re in the menopausal years, the pounds don’t tend to shed so quickly – I always used to be healthily slender – no more.  It isn’t something I’m overly concerned about, but when I tried on some new trousers in my local city after Christmas, I’m sure I could hear them scream at me “ha ha! I don’t think so – who are you kidding?”.  “Any good?”  the shop assistant said. I replied “no… they are something to aim for”. So as last year I was pretty sedentary before and following my ankle replacement operation – and didn’t meet many local people in my new area – it’s all going to change! Slimming World have groups in Honiton and after turning up on the wrong day the first week “why won’t the door open?” Oh yeah… “it’s not Tuesday”… I enrolled the following week. It’s been quite fun exploring the concept of weight loss and health benefits – not to mention which sugary and fatty foods I could be swapping or cutting out. Body image is important to us all, it’s part of your identity – partly what makes you, you. So looking after my body is something I need to take a little more care about – after all, I live within it. So last week I lost my first 1.5lbs just by cutting out the cakes, biscuits and chocolate and ramping up my intake of fresh fruit.  I’ll let you know how I get on!

It doesn’t have to end!

Being an empty nester doesn’t mean that’s the end of family trips or holidays, no way! I love having my girls on trips away. Earlier this year, Becky came with me on an epic USA 🇺🇸 adventure. This is us in Sedona. The times we have together are so precious, we let every moment count. Where would you like to visit with your grown and flown children?

Regained baking confidence!

Seriously I got a cake bakey kinda thing going on over here… To be honest it’s not just cakes… I can’t seem to stop cooking! 😂 When my girls became vegan and preferred to cook their own delights and then they flew the nest, I stopped baking and cooking almost completely and I lost confidence in my ability to rustle something up. I wonder if that resonates? Now Andrew and I live together, I’ve found my passion for all things baking and cooking has come back – and it’s such a joy to cook for someone who appreciates my experiments! He’s very generous, often scoring me marks well over 10/10, which makes me giggle 🙏🌟🤣. I made this cake this afternoon in between organising my market research calls and my coursework. What a treat for my man who’s been away for a few days!

I made my first Christmas Cake!

Made my first ever Christmas cake yesterday afternoon! It took 4 and a half hours to bake and our home smelt divine – a really nostalgic fragrance that reminds me of childhood Christmas preparations. There’s something very therapeutic about creating something from scratch – I just hope it tastes good! 😂 Marzipan and icing closer to the big day. Are you making a cake this year?

Go where you feel inspired!

Love this Maya Angelo quote! If you feel that you’ve become stuck in a rut, or living your life half empty – go where you’ll feel inspired, connect with people who naturally raise you up or read books that have you aha-zing like crazy! Maybe a walk in nature, where you live will do it for you? There are always so many incredible breath taking things to witness in or along our parks, rivers, seasides, country lanes or back gardens. I’ve been fortunate to visit Rome a few times. Now that’s definitely one of those places where my breath was taken away. So much ancient history right around every corner. Simply beautiful and for an amateur history geek like me, it’s always jaw dropping and breath taking! – What does it for you? Go, fill yourself up! You’ll have so much more to give when your own tank is full 🤩 and you’ll feel renewed and more purposeful every time! ⠀⠀ Happy Sunday ❤️ Make it happen.