Surrender Your Worries

This week, I urge you to take a walk in nature – wherever you live.  In the city you can find parks and botanical gardens in the countryside you can explore woods, fields and hillsides.

Take time to experience the miracle of the season you are experiencing right now.  Here in the UK we are looking forward to summer arriving and my friends in Australia are starting to marvel at the autumnal leaves getting ready to fall.

Today, I have taken walk in nature, walking with my friend Lee and his two energetic dogs.  We walked from his house into the nearby woods where his dogs were let off the lead to chase about and splash in the ponds.

I think he raised an eyebrow when I hugged a tree – but it was wonderful to lean against the beautiful oak which took my weight, I felt a wave of gratitude flowing through me, a sense of calm and renewed energy.

Take a moment this week to appreciate mother nature – make this a conscious decision.  Notice the signs of the season you’re in right now, the flowers open without a struggle or  the leaves naturally changing colour and dropping.

You and your business, can evolve without struggle when you give up your doubts, worries, fears and anxiety.  Don’t let your ego run the show!  Be ‘in’ love instead.

Allow yourself to give up to worries to the trees (they can handle it) and instead feel love.  Lean on a tree, focus on your breathing, surrender and tell it your secrets – and ask for a miracle.

Have a great week

With love

Ali x

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