Stand Out In Your Market Place

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of people in your market place also offering services so similar to yours?  It can feel like a crowded market place and you need to stand out.

It makes me so sad when I hear from women who have powerful gifts that they are feeling frustrated because they are lacking clients.  They tell me that they don’t stand out, that their ideal clients can’t ‘see them’ and are not sure how show up to be seen.  Does this resonate? How can you serve when you are lost in the crowd?

What makes you different – is quite simply – you!

And it’s really not more complicated than that – it’s just that we don’t always recognise our own worth, value or beauty.

What is special about you? 

1)         Ask your clients, or those who know you well.  Go on, be brave and have some fun with this, ask them.

2)         And then, ask yourself – “what do I believe about myself?”  Be honest, where do you excel?  Do you wear your heart on your sleave?  Are you kick-ass?

I remember when I was working with a mentor who encouraged my natural ‘Mama Soleil’ approach and then a few years later I worked with a coach who encouraged me to be more ‘kick-ass’.  I tried this on for a while, but it just wasn’t me and I felt disconnected from my truth, it was hard work, it felt icky and ultimately I felt exhausted and confused.

I’m a sensitive, natural nurturer and that is my truth.  What’s yours?

When you look at the flowers above, each one is unique and showing up as who it is – a rose doesn’t try to be a tulip! – it’s your authentic truth and when you honour yourself, you shine out like a beacon of light.

3)         And what’s important to you?

Why are you on this path?  What’s your passion-rocket-fuel that is making the desire to make a difference of such importance to you?  What do you believe about your mission?  About the clients you work with?  Check out the Simon Sinek video where he explains how you can stand out when you’re connected with your Why.

You were born unique, you were born to make a difference.  Don’t morph into a clone of someone else because they seem to be doing ok – be you!  Honour you and shine your natural light so brighly that your prospects ‘see’ you and are attracted to you.

They need you and you need them to continue your mission.

And as always Expect a Miracle!

Have a great week

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