Social Media Leave You Cold?

Hey lovely

Whether you love or dislike social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter… they do create a fantastic platform for you to share your message.  And your message is so important and needed in the world.  Facebook Live stream has given you the opportunity to literally broadcast your message whenever you choose.  I’ve made 3 short Facebook Live videos on the Global Fab Friends forum and it was fun!  Even if I felt vulnerable and out of my comfort zone!

Many of the clients I work with do not enjoy social media or avoid it all together.  And they can, because there are other effective platforms out there.

How do you feel about social media?

  • Is it something you feel you have to be part of?
  • Do you love it with a passion?
  • Do you freeze up not knowing what to say or not wanting to be visible?

My approach to creating a business, is that you want to enjoy what you’re doing and feel light and expansive about it.  Hey, it’s gotta be fun hasn’t it?

My business foundations were firmly built when I began creating and hosting transformational workshops to share my message with those who were ready to make a significant shift.  Workshops with impact, enjoyment and profit.

If you’re looking for another way, if you’re feeling stuck, if you’d much rather have real conversations with real people and share a hug and a smile – then my 5 week home study course Workshop Secrets Revealed could transform the way you share your message and grow your business.  It’s on a flash sale right now at less than half price, and you can find out more here!

I’ve already helped scores of light workers to create their first unique workshops and who have said this course is highly valuable and easy to follow.  And I’d love you to share your message from this beautiful platform.  Get it here!

Before I sign off, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the messages of healing and love that I’ve received since my last message.  My hand operation went well last week and I’m learning to adapt to using one hand at the moment.  I’ll know on Friday how it’s going when the splint and dressings are replaced.  Exciting!

Big love and if you’ve any questions about the course just message me and ask away!

Ali xx

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