Shine YOUR Light

Like you I’m sure, I’ve felt deeply affected by the various tragic events which have been happening in our world over the last few months.

And, I watched the news Grenfell Tower yesterday unfolding with a heavy heart.  My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and friends of all those who have been affected – and of course with the incredible emergency services who most definitely are Superheros risking their own lives, to save others.

What shines brightly out of this darkness and with other tragedies, is the sense of community coming together.  The kindness of strangers, the willingness to see each other’s vulnerability, the hope, strength and support shown by others.

Let’s focus on this, let this unity be our strength.

As the stories of the miraculous unfold, allow this to fill your heart with love.

If you want to be reminded that there is kindness in the world, see the mountains of donations which have been freely given

Each time you think of these events, or see some news programme and you want to make a difference, just close your eyes, take some deep breaths, drop your shoulder and beam your love fully, really ‘feel’ surrender and peace into it, smile if you can and shine it brightly into the darkness and leave your special love beam where it’s needed and felt

You are the light and you have an important mission to share that light.  Remember that.  The world needs you and you’ve come here, at this time for a reason.

Beaming you much love as always,

Ali xx

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