Scared to get it wrong? Hand up, I was

Saying ‘no’ to what we will no longer put up with, no longer settle for, does take courage.  I know it’s not easy.  If it was, we wouldn’t huddle in friendship circles talking about how bad it is, we’d be sharing how we’d expanded further and raised our selves even higher.  And isn’t that what you’d rather be experiencing?

I’m going to put my hand up to this.  I went around in circles for a long time, feeling like I was stuck, scared to ‘get it wrong’.  And what I realise now, is that being ‘brave’ means, letting go and ‘trusting’ in our belief that it will all work out, rather than making fear/ego the master of decision making.

That inner nudge, that intuitive nagging you experience is your guide.  It’s your souls calling, saying it’s safe to trust and it’s time to expand.  And you may have noticed that it won’t stop calling to you.  Living a life of regret is going to be ultimately harder, than choosing to live your life following your own inner guidence, wouldn’t you agree?

If you have desires, you’re meant to experience them.  And I know that you have all that you need inside to unlock those desires.  Sometimes, you just need a bit of help to stop going around in circles, in self doubt and someone to champion you to bring them home and to help you to see what you can’t see on your own.

*** It’s Time To Say YES! ***

Right now, I have just 2 spaces to work with new clients 1:1 who are ready and committed to create real, lasting changes in their lives.

If you’d like to find out how I could help you, to gain more confidence, to know and trust yourself better and take the leap you’re yearning to take or discover just what that could be…  message me back today and share what you’d like to gain from working with me, and we’ll set up a time to speak from wherever I am in the world!  Remember, make this decision to message me from that trusting space.

I’m currently in Devon, staying with my parents.  Here’s a view of their back garden from the dining room where I’m writing to you from.  Isn’t it full of colour and texture?  I’m so proud of father who’s experienced considerable health challenges in recent years and still manages to keep his garden looking luscious!

Here’s to living with confidence, joy and success – oh and of course, trusting!

Much love
Ali xx

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