Regained baking confidence!

Seriously I got a cake bakey kinda thing going on over here… To be honest it’s not just cakes… I can’t seem to stop cooking! 😂 When my girls became vegan and preferred to cook their own delights and then they flew the nest, I stopped baking and cooking almost completely and I lost confidence in my ability to rustle something up. I wonder if that resonates?

Now Andrew and I live together, I’ve found my passion for all things baking and cooking has come back – and it’s such a joy to cook for someone who appreciates my experiments! He’s very generous, often scoring me marks well over 10/10, which makes me giggle 🙏🌟🤣. I made this cake this afternoon in between organising my market research calls and my coursework. What a treat for my man who’s been away for a few days!

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