Ocean of confusion?

How often do you take time to journal?

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not daily for me – it’s definitely a few times a week practice and sometimes more.

You see, whenever I feel in an ocean of confusion, unsure what path to take, or how to feel aboutFullSizeRender something, I find when I pour out my thoughts on paper I begin to re-connect with my truth.  It’s like I’m sharing my secrets openly with my higher self, my spirit guides, the Universe.  And often, I get my downloads of inspiration and miracles come straight back to me by return like answers!

Sometimes, you can feel that you’re standing on the edge of a rock (of fear), something is nudging you inside to get closer to the edge – a spiritual nudge, a whisper, saying “take the leap, take the leap, you’ve got this, you can do it… you have all that you need inside of you, you will be ok, you’ll be safe, this is a good thing, just take the leap

Do you feel like you’re on the edge of something, that you’re being called to make a shift, end something, begin something but fear of the unknown is keeping you stuck and going around in circles?  Take some time to journal your thoughts and see what happens.

Don’t just think that’s a nice idea, create some time and make it happen… otherwise, you could be going around in circles of doubt and confusion for weeks, months, even years.   Journal as much as you can, as often as you can.  There is no right or wrong way, just let your pen flow with the inner thoughts you can pour out.

And of course, I’m here to help you too – my passion is helping busy, big hearted women like you to feel, trust and follow your spiritual nudges and to take that leap off the edge.  Our work together supports you to know yourself better, so you give yourself permission to align with what you know to be true for you.  I’ll hold your hand and you can let your spirit soar!

Retreat ExperienceAre you’re feeling that you’re on the edge and hesitating about taking that leap, then let’s have a chat and see how I can help you.  My one retreat day together could make all the difference from life being as it is now – to opening up something extraordinary!  Just book your complimentary – no strings attached discovery session with me here and we’ll speak soon.

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