Menopause is part of your evolution

You get to choose! At this stage of our lives ladies, whether you’re peri menopausal or menopausal, many of us feel a sense of loss and in an ending. Not just our bodies ability to reproduce, but a sense of loss in ourselves. You might not feel so confident as you once did, your identity as you’ve know it is changing, your body is also changing internally and externally, hot sweats and sleepless nights may affect your energy levels.

This natural time in your evolution as a woman, gives you the opening for a new adventure. The truth is, right here, right now sister, you get to choose which path you want to travel, same old, same old or this can become your most exciting chapter yet, where you rise up, reinvent yourself, embrace who you are now, learn to ride the symptoms, give yourself permission to empower yourself and decide what, how, where you live. You may have spent decades caring and being in service for your family – and now it’s time for you to put yourself centre stage to claim and create a life you feel passionate about. Embrace this new chapter. You deserve it! Rise up! ❤️
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