Managing autoimmune disease

Truth is, some days I just want to sleep. I’ve been managing an autoimmune disease for over 40 years and it’s often painful and tricky. Somedays, it can zap my energy. I’m now almost 5 months post op, from my replacement ankle.

I’m also being treated for suspected Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is excruciatingly painful 😖

I’m sharing this because it isn’t all rosy in my life and social media often paints a picture of people’s perfect lives and that can be harmful, because it’s just not true. It triggers comparison in all of us. We all have ‘something’ going on in our lives.

Let your comparison triggers show you what you’d like next in your life, but never EVER let them make you feel less than. You’re doing great! You are getting it right! If you can believe it, take the steps, you’ll see it.

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