Live In Sydney For One Week – And Living The Dream!

So I’m back from an amazing week in Sydney! I travelled alone, to the other side of the world, to attend a live event in Darling Harbour hosted by Gina DeVee. Some people said I was mad! Some family members said that the idea of travelling to an event ‘Down Under’ which was only 2.5 days long was crazy…

Sometimes, we just know that we have to follow our heart. And choose to send love to those who care for us, who want to protect us and make the beautiful decision to commit to following our own path.

You see, there was a time, when I would have played small and would have felt guilty for even thinking about going.

I decided some time ago that I was ready to experience a fuller life, life is short isn’t it? And to realise the dreams that I desired and yet which always seemed out of reach for me. And at first it began with lots of little steps, which then I could see were giving me greater results.

Saying “yes!” to doing something that takes us out of our comfort zone, really opens us to experiencing up the adventure zone! And just how alive do we feel when we follow our hearts desire? Saying yes to this, has been life changing for me.

Where are you ready to step up? Where are you ‘fitting in’ because it’s easier than standing out? What are your desires? What does it mean to you to ‘live the dream’?

As a coach and mentor, I support my members of Fab Friends Network, Global Fab Friends and my private clients – it’s important to me that I walk the talk, live the dream and not hold myself small. To be an example of what is possible when you let go and say “yes” to yourself.

This video was filmed by a Facebook friend – Vanessa Jane, who contacted me before I left Sydney to ask if I’d like to meet up – we’d never even spoken in the past.  Within a few minutes of meeting, I cheekily asked her if she’d mind holding my video camera and capturing a quick video before we had dinner, on the last night so I could capture some of the energy and view in Sydney?  Again, I was coming out of my comfort zone – and she said “yes”.  Isn’t it amazing how when we say “yes” so much more fabulous things unfold for us? I’m blessed to have met some wonderful new friends and peers in Sydney!

Who are you ready to meet?

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