Life Change Now

Hey lovely,

Isn’t it the perfect time to let go and surrender those things that are holding you back?  I mean, isn’t it time to let that rubbish go?

I’m talking about – saying good bye to comparing yourself to complete strangers on social media, who you think seem to have it all (which they don’t).  Their lives may look perfect and even luxurious – but that doesn’t mean they are happy or have their sh*t together.  Most people don’t.  It doesn’t mean they always pay their bills on time or have a juicy savings account.

Yep, you may be peri-menopausal or menopausal – let go of any shame around mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and body changes.  It’s your right of passage – you’re evolving, in my book that means you deserve celebrating.  Cheers to you!

Saying enough, to buying into that self talk about not being deserving of something you would love to have, be or experience…. Enough!  You are – and it’s just you, stopping you!  Go make it happen!  I’m right by your side.

It’s time to bin off those self judgments, judging others and instead putting kind focus towards yourself and others.  Exhale, now that’s better.

Let go now of the need to ‘get it right’!  Goodness, that one is a serious buzz killer.  I was once told ‘done is better than perfect’ and it’s soo true.

Letting go of feeling guilty, when you need to hide and recharge – and the guilt you feel when you take some time out for you!  You need it – and it’s OK!  Go on, it’s more than ok to have an afternoon nap!

Stop beating yourself up about not exercising enough, not eating healthily every day – it’s ok!  You will, when you decide.

Let go of those bad habits you know you’ve gotten into – like going to bed way later than you’d really want, checking your social media or emails even before you’ve properly opened your eyes in the morning.  Watching TV in bed before you go to sleep (especially the news!)… Stop that one, right now!  Instead take a moment to write or just say to yourself, your gratitude list for the day and reflect on the goodness in your life.

I know we all have so much to let go of and this is just the tip of the iceberg – and that’s ok too!  

Take some quiet time to sit with your fav drink, a notepad and pen – and consciously consider where you’re getting in your own way.  Catch yourself over the course of a day/week every time you feel yourself buying into something that doesn’t help you.

Do it today!  Your life IS important – and so is your future.

YOU create YOUR future.

Big love, you gorgeous love bubble

Much love
Ali xx

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