Jan, where did it go?

Perhaps you’re like me and although we’re on day 5 of February, you don’t quite feel like you’ve got yourself going yet?  Anyone seen January? I’m sure I had it some place… 

My truth is my New Years Eve was a sad one.  I heard from my Aunt who lives in Sri Lanka that my Uncle Graham had passed away.  It wasn’t a total shock as we’d heard he had been unwell over the last couple of months, but never the less, the news came like a slap in the face.  My Aunt (his wife) send me a very brief email to say he’d died – and I didn’t know who else she’d informed.  One of the big reasons I moved to Devon was so that I could nurture my relationship with my parents – and be around them more often.  I wiped my tears, put on my boots and drove the 13 minutes to my parents home, not knowing if they knew or not.

They didn’t.  And with a tight hug, I broke the news to my Mum that her beloved brother had passed.

Somethings in life just jolt you, don’t they?  A wake up call of types. When there is no funeral to attend, no knowledge if it’s happened already, it leaves you with a sense of non-closure.  As a family, we’ve decided to have a ‘Graham Day’ in May, the day before what would have been his next birthday. That feels better.

I started looking though old family photo albums, looking at pictures of my Uncle and it made me realise how important physical photos are and what a comfort they can become.

So since then, I’ve begun a big project of converting my digital photos (many lost, some retrieved through Facebook) into prints and filling photo albums in date order.  I’m working back from the start of this new year until they join up with my former albums that stopped in 1999… the year my ex husband and I parted, when I lost the appetite to continue creating them.

I’ve spent much of January doing this, in between supporting my clients and working with my coach.  Giving myself permission to heal and do what lights me up.

As an empty nester, it feels like the right time to start this project which has been on my mind for years – something I’ve kept putting off.  

Are you like me – have your digital photos scattered on external hard drives, in the Cloud, social media, with others and on your phone?  Would you like to put them into albums or perhaps boxes so you can actually hold and look at them? So this is my 2019 big project. And it’s lovely reliving the memories.

Oh and I joined Slimming World last week!  All those cakes I’ve been baking and the delicious Devon cream team have caught up with me… darn it!  I intend to lose a stone by April. This first week I lost 1.5 lbs just by cutting out the cake.. chocolate…nom nom… biscuits…  yum…  (I’m going to pretend I haven’t seen the box of Victoria Biscuits I stashed away for Christmas that remain unopened!)  Stop calling to me!!! 😉  I am strong, I can do this.

I am interested, what are your plans for this year – short term and longer term? Just email me ali@alisoleil.com and let me know!

Much love
Ali xx

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