I’ve turned 50!

Yay!  It was my birthday last week and as you may have seen from Instagram or Facebook that my partner swept me off to my birth city of Edinburgh, for a beautiful break.  50 years ago, I was born and spent my early years in Edinburgh.  It felt the perfect time to go back – to where it all began for me.

It was so much fun getting about on the local trams and buses, using Google maps to help choose the best IMG_7931routes and where to find our next stop.  I do love an adventure!  Visiting my first home and admiring the garden wall, that still stands after my father built 50 years ago.  You see, we leave our mark as we journey through life, in so many different ways.

A few days after my trip away, at family celebratory meal and after a walk around the incredible gardens at Stourhead, Wiltshire my Uncle Geoffrey asked me (flippantly 😉 ) if I felt any different being 50.  And I paused.  Yes.  I do feel differently.  I see life in chapters, how about you?  I can summarise my childhood, teenage years, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and I now have a fresh new chapter to create.

He wasn’t expecting that!  Then he reminded me that every day is a chance for a new beginning – and that is true too.

Whichever chapter / decade you are in, choose now to make it one that stands outs for all the right reasons.

Make this decade, the one where you:

  • Rose up again and blossomed in all areas of your life
  • Felt deep love within your own heart and the one where you gave and received love like – never before
  • Made a conscious choice each day, to do something that made you: feel good, learn something new and felt at peace perhaps for just a few moments – especially on days when you faced significant challenges
  • You spoke up and powerfully said what needed to be said, even if you were feeling uncomfortable
  • Took a leap of faith, did something new, even when your knees knocked with uncertainty
  • Created new friendships with those who enriched your life, inspired you, stretched you and who valued you
  • Made it a priority to spend time with your most supportive friends and family
  • Let go of the toxic, unsatisfying and draining relationships in your life
  • Visited the places you’d always wanted to go, and felt free, inspired and happy
  • Began honouring yourself finally, breaking free – with big picture thinking and letting go of the small stuff
  • The chapter when you said, “I deserve more, I deserve better” – and you got it!

Ahhhh… You beautiful soul.  I want you to know from my heart to yours that you are perfect just as you are.  You are strong.  You are safe and you are loved.

Yes.  You.  Are.

I’ll be in touch soon, I’m just scoffing the last of my birthday cakes!
Much love
Ali xx



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