It’s ok to feel sad

Last night I had some beautiful dreams about my little daughters. I miss those days and love the twenty somethings that they have become. Becoming an empty nester brings mixed emotions. On one hand you’re delighted that your children have taken that next step and flown the nest – and on the other hand your heart breaks a little… you miss them. 😢 As mothers we’ve often made sacrifices so we can support our children and when they’ve gone, part of our identity feels lost too. It did feel like a loss – for the life I’d known for so long.

I remember sniffing and sobbing into my daughters pillow once I was back home from dropping her at Uni for the first time, my heart literally hurt.

I’d see Mums with their little daughters and I’d remember mine at that tender age. Tears would roll down my cheeks because I missed my daughters as little cuddly girls, with their cheeky smiles, sticky fingers holding dollies tightly and constant questions.

Does my story resonate with you? Now a few years on since my girls have grown and properly left home, I see this not so much as a loss, but as an exciting new beginning. The next chapter of my life. I have reclaimed ‘me’, I’ve sold up and travelled, re-located to a great new home in a different part of the country and my new life is good! And I speak to my girls all the time ☺️ and dream of them as little poppets occasionally.

Remember, this is a new beginning, your new chapter and you can create it to be as fabulous and expansive as you choose!

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