It’s not happening to you…

We all go through seasons in our lives where we seemed to be faced with higher hurdles to jump and sometimes we just feel like everything is crashing down around us.  It could be your relationships, your friendships, your finances, career, business – or health.  And sometimes, the rest of the world doesn’t know about your inner turmoil, because you’re a mistress at keeping it hidden.

At these times we can feel so empty, alone, disconnected from our truth and desperately seek an answer.

If this is resonating with you right now, I want you to know that you’re not alone – many people hide behind a thin veil of “everything is ok” when inside it doesn’t feel that way.  Their business could be flourishing but their relationship isn’t.  Or their relationship seems great, but their business is crumbling.

Most importantly, I want you to know that things happen for you – not to you.  And you may feel strongly that it is happening to you – but how does that make you feel?  This simple reframe of the wording can shift you from feeling like a victim back into your power.  Because whatever you are going through – you will come through.  You will come through stronger because of this and back into the light again.  This is just a season in your life and you will shine brighter than ever before.

Practice being quiet and still.  Take yourself to a peaceful space, closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing and allow yourself to lower your shoulders, relax your whole body, open your heart and surrender.  And hand over your worries – no matter how big or small to the greater power.

It’s been said so many times that our spirit guides and angels are by our side, waiting to be invited to help.  Without being asked, they remain on the outside.  So in your relaxed state, feel safe to invite their support and guidance – and be open to feeling, hearing or being guided to your next step.

Personally, I begin to feel my heart open, the knots in my stomach release and an expansive feeling washes through me.  I allow myself to smile and I know what to do next – even if it’s just a baby step forward.

This time shall pass.  You are whole, you are not alone, you are connected an infinite source.

If you feel I could help you – just message me at and we can have a conversation to see how we could do just that

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