Is Consistency Possible In Business?

Is it really possible to have consistency in a lifestyle business? I don’t believe so, unless you have a big team around you, marketing and connecting you while you serve or rest. So many of us experience feast and famine.

Creating your own business isn’t easy – if it was easy – everyone would have started their own business. Be proud of your decision.

Know that just as we have seasons, you maybe in an ‘autumn’ or ‘spring’ season right now. Just as there is night there is day. You know that there are cycles in business, organic growth, sowing the seeds, nurturing them to grow, serving their needs and harvesting.

Take time to appreciate where you are – and if you’ve had a great ‘summer’ and now in ‘autumn’ and feeling abundant, harvesting the fruits of your labour what would be a smart decision for you – and for your tomorrow?

If you’re in ‘spring’ ask yourself how you could bring more light into your business? How much ‘love’ are you feeling every day? What could you be doing today that could affect your tomorrow? Self care? Work with a coach/mentor? Read an inspiring book? Rewrite your money story? Give yourself permission to just ‘be’ for a while? So much about building a business is about your mindset and what you believe is possible (this is the work I love to do with my clients).

And it is ok to allow yourself to feel fed up – to cry, just remember to pick your energy up a notch and do what you can to keep raising it every day.

Just like the acorn has the blueprint inside to become the oak tree, you have everything you need inside of you to create the life of your dreams.

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