Introvert challenges

I try to be a good partner, but I admit that I’m aware that I’ve been a bit snappy these past few days.  Having been travelling within the UK for the last 3 weeks up and down to Devon 3 times, the Lake District for my cousin’s wedding (see the pic of me with my girls), London, the Midlands and now Scotland, I have to say I’m feeling physically and emotionally weary.  And my left ankle which is on the replacement list, is letting me know I’ve been walking too much, and it’s right.

Being an introvert and highly sensitive, I know that it’s essential for me to have time alone… time to recharge fully.  I cannot fully recharge, if I’m around other people 100% of the time – and I have been in lots of gorgeous company for while.

That’s one of the differences of extroverts – who gain energy from being around others.  What do you need to recharge fully?

I’ve apologised to my partner for my snappy-ness, who’s been very understanding, he’s a good man, I’m lucky – and I’ve forgiven myself for feeling short tempered.  These are extraordinary times, for sure.

I’m excited to be in Scotland for the wedding of my beautiful friend Sophia – and then plan to take some time out for myself next week.

To re-charge fully, I will: (In no particular order)

  • Spend some time in quietness, journalling my thoughts – a proper heart and head dump onto the pages of my new journal (always love to start a new one!)
  • Reading and finishing the book I started 2 months ago, “The Confidence Gap” by Dr Russ Harris (check out his videos on youtube – it’s good stuff)
  • Go swimming – to release some endorphins and gain exercise
  • Hand write some letters to loved ones
  • Sleeping – early nights and some lay ins (will book into a hotel or airbnb – as you know, I’m a nomad since I sold my home)
  • Watch some favourite films – to laugh and cry (Beaches? You’ve Got Mail maybe?)
  • Eating nourishing vibrant foods
  • Taking the next steps with my Podcast – feels so good to be back in creation mode working on something I fully believe in
  • Working with my clients – the art of coaching always energises me – it’s what I’m here to do

I hope my list helps you too.  What do you need to do to re-charge and re-fill yourself?  What’s important to you this coming week?



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