I spilt hot choc!

It must have been in 2008 when I took myself to Austria to attend a retreat called ‘The Ultimate Intimate Relationship’ hosted by Tony and Nicki Vee. I remember sitting on the plane, with my beautiful new cream coloured jacket neatly folded on my bag at my feet. I ordered a hot chocolate from the trolly and before I knew it, I’d accidentally flipped the tray in front of me and hot chocolate splashed down onto my jacket in big brown puddles…
I remember how annoyed I was with myself for being so careless. I was so worried what kind of impression I’d make to this group of strangers, arriving with a stained jacket, looking a mess. I thought, this kinda thing could only happen to me.

No, truth is, it could happen to anyone.

I had a habit of making myself wrong – can you relate?

On the retreat we practiced mirror work. Something most of us avoid. Looking into our eyes lovingly. Really ‘seeing’ ourselves, saying kind words, affirmations, what we like about ourselves. There were tears from us all as we stood in front of the huge studio mirror.

It felt vain, it felt awkward, uncomfortable and vulnerable but I did it.

Over the years, I’ve kept up this practice and I feel more at ease with myself, I know myself better, I trust in myself, feel happier in my own skin and to be honest, I don’t worry half as much about what others think of me!

If you can relate, give yourself the gift of mirror work next time you’re in the bathroom! Start by just looking at yourself, smiling and as you gain confidence you can start saying positive statements to yourself, as you look yourself in the eye.

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