I like scraping by

“I don’t want to be happy and successful” – said no one!

“I like scraping by” – no one said.

No one ever said “no” to being offered a million pounds/dollars no string attached – because we all knowmoney = choices = being in a position to do more good in the world.

If you’re feeling that you’re ready for have more happiness, more joy, better health, more pleasure and increased wealth, you can. Do you truly believe it’s possible, lovely? Sit with that for a moment and feel into it.

There is an infinite supply of all the good stuff (and bad stuff – so be careful what you choose to focus on).

If you scroll through social media daily and start feeling triggered by someone else’s seemingly perfect life – it’s because it’s meant for you too.

Just because they seem to have it all going on, doesn’t mean they’ve taken and sucked up 🌪 all the happiness, fun times, holidays, great food, wealth in the world… there is plenty for you too – no matter what your age, your circumstances or what you’ve been told before. Phew! Do you believe it’s possible for you? The key is in the believing. What do you desire?

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