I did it! Now, it’s your turn

I’m smiling as I write this to you.  There was a time when I’d have been apologising and feeling guilty for my absence on social media or sending out to my list.  Now, I choose to let that go, I – nor you, need be apologetic for taking care of ourselves.  You see, I’ve been giving my own life a big shake up and over the last 6 weeks or so and have wrapped myself in a beautiful, pink bubble of happiness and new-ness.  And that’s OK!!

Ohhhhh yeaaaahhhh baaaaby!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I made the ‘brave move’ to sell my home, put everything I now own into storage and… Just walked away.  Yikes, I broke the rules and the sky didn’t fall in, there was no thunderbolt of lightning!

I walked away without a detailed plan, without a new home to go to, without a need to know what’s next, putting trust in myself and in the Universe.  Walking my talk.

And, it’s all working out more beautifully than I could have imagined:

  • I’m experiencing huge personal insights (I’ll share some of these over the coming weeks)
  • I’ve been visiting my family all over the UK
  • Transformed my relationship with my love
  • Spending time with special friends
  • Seeing parts of the country and seasides I’ve not visited before
  • Going where I feel inspired
  • Booking onto a retreat
  • And I’ve continued working with my fabulous clients via Skype and in person!

If you’d like to read more about my story from before I sold up, you can read my blog here, where I shared why I needed to do this, how I felt the soulful nudges and what’s next.


I’ve had some fabulous times with my girls since my ‘brave move’ and I trust inspired them to continue taking their leaps of faith and to live their truth – just as they continue to inspire me.

So, I’d like to lovingly turn the tables and ask you some juicy questions:

  • What stops you from living the life you’d love to be living?
  • What would you be doing if you weren’t afraid?
  • What holds you back from owning your truth?
  • What stops you spending more time with family and friends?
  • What soulful nudges are you experiencing?
  • Where would you go, to feel inspired?
  • What stops you from creating or earning the money you deserve?
  • What is your next ‘brave move’?


And I’d  L-O-V-E to hear from you, lovely!  Share with me your answers to the questions, I’d love to receive a message back from YOU!

Much love
Ali xx




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