HPS Interview Sophia Lennox

So happy to bring you the first of monthly series of interviews with women who themselves claim to be sensitive and who would describe themselves as introverted.

I’m bringing these interviews to you – because, if you’re like me and our speakers you’re both sensitive and introverted too – and I trust these will inspire and uplift you to use your traits as your gifts.

For years, these sensitive and introverted traits had me feeling that somehow I just wasn’t good enough, wasn’t loud enough, couldn’t cope with being in hectic environments, had a fear around being visible and could tap into other peoples energies with ease – or in environments and I wasn’t sure how to use these traits and gifts to propel me forward, and sometimes I felt a level of depression creeping over me.

And since, I’ve learned how to embrace and see these traits as positive and not wrong.  I use them to help me in the Self Empowerment Coaching and to help other people.

I recently felt a calling to bring forth other women who would describe themselves similarly, and who like me have created a joyful lives, are feeling excited for what’s to come.

Many like me have also created successful businesses using their traits to their advantage and who no longer make themselves feel wrong or disqualify themselves from the game of life.

So today, in my first conversation, I’d love to introduce my friend and peer Sophia Lennox.  Sophia is a Confidence Coach for sensitive women who want to feel connected, composed and calm.

With years of experience as a coach and a yoga teacher she brings your dreams to fruition with a down to earth proven approach.

Born and bred in Scotland Sophia has a passion for travel and real conversation!

Her wit and wisdom help women to dissolve the fears that hold them back, get clear on what they want, and tap into their truth with confidence and courage.

Married, now divorced and madly in love, Sophia supports women to let go of past hurts and live happily ever after.


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