How long has that been there?

We see a long hair above our lip or chin and a feeling of shame washes over us “Ffs! How long has that been there?” Have you ever felt that too?

The external sources tell us that looking youthful is what it’s all about. Firmer skin, less wrinkles, contours and concealers to mask blemishes. Really? For who? Why? Give me a break! But in all transparency, I have to consciously remember to think that way, as my default setting is to go along with that thinking… We have been so deeply conditioned by the media and social culture, the patriarchy.

My body last gave birth to a child over 25 years ago – it created 2 children of the next generation. I’ve had many surgeries and joint replacements, so I have scars. I’ve laid in the sunshine, I have sunspots. I am a woman of 51 and I have experienced so many chapters in my lifetime – as you have too. I’m a real, natural woman. Let’s pluck and tuck if we like, but let’s remember to feel good about the bodies we have. Let’s accept how they are ageing and celebrate the privilege of life in our mid years!  Btw, you’re beautiful just the way you are

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