Hey you! Love Bubble!

When I arrived at a London train station recently, there were a mass of people all going this way and that.  It was a warm day and I seemed to be surrounded by middle aged business men in suits jostling their way to the exit machines, looking hot, stressed and pre-occupied.

I felt the need to watch my step so I didn’t get knocked over.  And then I noticed one of the men had a wedding ring on his finger and my feelings changed.  I stopped seeing this man as a hot, sweaty body – and instead wondered how his wife/husband saw him.

In my mind, I transformed him into a beautiful love-bubble and I looked around with a smile on my face and saw all these people as just big love-bubbles.  Suddenly, I was in a safe space and I transformed how I saw the station and its passengers.

Many amazing things happened in my evening – and I’m sure each were little miracles.  I chose to feel love and the miracles came.

Now it’s your turn to see the love-bubbles! And call in your miracles.

Have a great week!

With love and love bubbles

Ali x

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