Have You Said Hello To Your Inner Child Lately?

Have you enjoyed spending time with children lately? Isn’t it just wonderful how they see the world and apart from tidying their rooms they find fun in almost anything?

They are playful, using their powerful imagination, they have a sense of wonder, excitement, are open minded, laugh freely and cry freely too! They love to sing, dance, learn new things and would charge down the high street making silly noises if they felt like it. They live in the moment most of the time and are freely living their truth.

Have you noticed that once we begin to develop a sense of responsibility passed to us from our families and society there come ‘rules’. Where does the fun go? Life is supposed to be fun.

Is it time to connect to your inner child again? Time to feel free to just be you? Time to play, to wonder with the eyes of an inquisitive child again? Make time to laugh and add as much fun into every day as you can. How can you make a

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chore a bit more exciting? How could you see it differently? What could you do just for fun today? It

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could take practice if you’re out of the habit; so choose to consciously make time to just let go and enjoy yourself in this moment.

Thought for today: I found this quote on a birthday card with a glorious picture of some women holding down their skirts whilst laughing their heads off on a 1950s fairground ride, it said:

“Never put off until tomorrow the fun you can have today.” Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1955)

Wishing you so much happiness

Ali xx

Ali Soleil – Feminine Self Esteem Mentor

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