How To Grow Your List

As a spiritually aware woman in business you know that when you feel good and are aligned with your passion you can make the bigger difference.  Your business is created from your deep desire to make that difference and live the best version of your life – and showing others they can do too.  A ‘normal’ life is just not enough!  And as you nurture those who are drawn to you (you are your brand) – you can expand your business.

You may have heard people say, “the money is in the list…”  And it is!

We are living in the most extraordinary times, were we have the capability of reaching our target audience wherever they live in world.  The internet has revolutionised the way we do business hasn’t it?  And as so many of us use the internet every day connecting and catching up on social networks with our favourite forums, people and though email.

And as coaches and consultants we know how important it is to use social media to share what we do, who we help, add value and make our offers.  Imagine if Facebook suddenly shut down!  Eeek!  We would lose all those connections.  Remember how we were all on Myspace?  Now it’s in a dusty time warp, where most of us haven’t logged in since 2008!

You want to be connecting, inviting your target audience over to your website or web page and building your list – so that you can keep those connections safe. 

Then you can mail out to them every week, nurture the connections, add value , offer your services and ultimately convert them into clients.

On your website have an opt in box offering something of value in return for a name and email address – and have this opt in box above the fold (being in the top part of your site, without the need to scroll down to find it).  The opt in box is connected to an email management service such 1ShoppingCart, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber… every time a prospect opts in, you gain their details so you can stay connected with them.

Here are 3 ways you can grow your list!

1)         Create something of value and offer as a free optin

You can offer a fabulous document you’ve written, an MP3 recording, a survey, a video series – whatever you know your audience will find of value and be of benefit to them.

Run a teleclass training on a valuable topic – promote this with a page which includes an opt in box.

Host a telesummit which has an opt in box and ask those who are speakers on your telesummit to send out to their list and promote via social media for you.

Promote your offers though social media, referrals, joint partners and watch your list start to grow!

Check out my free MP3 on my website – just opt in here!

2)         Who do you know?

Connect with others who serve the same client base as yourself and who do not offer the same service as you.

So for instance, if you are a raw food coach who works with women, you may want to connect with another coach who works with women to regain their muscle and tone.

You both offer something valuable and different to potentially the same or similar target audience.

Have them send out to their list a recommendation for you, one of your programmes, an event or a free report with a call to action to sign up.  You can go ahead and ask your VA to set up a floating opt in box which they opt into and it then takes them to the your free or paid for offer/opt in.

Put together a telesummit with a valuable theme, interviewing great speakers who also send out information about your telesummit to their list.

3)         Facebook ads

Now, I’m no expert on this myself – and so I hire experts to help me with what is not in my genius zone!  Facebook offers you a way to connect with your target audience wherever they are in the world based upon their demographics and the choices you make when you have your Facebook ads created.

You can grow your list overnight with this – if you have something compelling to offer, a free training call, a programme or a training guide (whatever you are marketing right now) and have the Facebook ads set up.

Find someone who can help you through or – or ask your connections on Facebook who they are using and recommend.

Your Action Steps

  1. Hire a VA or a web designer who can set up an opt in box on your web page and sales pages
  2. Create valuable free products (reports, online training, tips, MP3, video series) which your target audience desire
  3. Consider who has a similar target audience to yours and connect with them.  Get to know them via a coffee over Skype call.  Find out more about them and their business and consider how you can support them.  Ask them if they would be open to a joint venture
  4. Source a Facebook Ads expert and have your sales funnel set up so you’re ready to roll as soon as the new wave of connections come into your list

If you want to find out how I can support you to grow your list and gain more clients click here to apply for a complimentary Discovery Session with me.

Ali-Soleil-DiscoverySession1To your success!

Ali x

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