What's Your Next Adventure?

What an exciting time it is, being a woman in her late forties or fifties!

If you’re a vibrant, soulful woman, who knows that she’s going through a shift in her body and in her life then - this Podcast is for you!

What’s your next adventure? You may feel that you’ve raised your children and now finally have more time and money for you (yay!) and wonder what the next chapter of your life looks like. Perhaps you’re now able to do that ‘thing’ you’ve always wanted to do or perhaps you’re like many who are itching to get started - but just not sure what your ‘thing’ is yet.

So whether your adventure is selling up and travelling the world or beginning a lifestyle business sharing something you’re super passionate about or re-igniting that spark with-in yourself or within your relationship or something completely different - then this Podcast is for you!

Listen into this Podcast to hear the inspiring stories of real women who are breaking out now and creating their own way forward. Fabulous women, just like you learning to trust in themselves, overcoming their self-doubts to follow their calling. Let them inspire you with their courage!

And if you don’t know what your next adventure is, let me help you to discover it. This Podcast is the perfect place to start! I’ll be sharing not just uplifting stories, there will also be tips and tools to support you as you make your brave move.

As an empty nester and Women’s Empowerment Coach who turned 50 this year, I’ve begun my latest adventure. Towards the end of 2016, I made the big decision to put my home on the market.

In March 2017, I packed up my home, put my most treasured possessions into storage and with my knees knocking, created a new lifestyle full of travel, connection, love, spontaneity, inspiration and delights!

And it’s your turn too! Come on, let’s make this chapter in your life spectacular!

Let’s get started and create a wonderful life!

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