Flip the Switch?

As a vibrant woman, in her late forties, I knew that I was stuck when I realised I was spending far too much time thinking about what I didn’t want morning, noon and night.  

I was fed up and to be honest boring myself silly (and possibly my friends too!) with analysing the heck out of my situation and all the perceived variables.  Unconsciously, I had slipped into a habit of investing so much energy into this pattern of powerless behaviour, rather than taking any real kind of positive action.   

Sometimes we don’t even realise, we’re stuck in the story.  

Does this resonate with you?

I knew I wanted more – and I’m sure you do too.  And, you can!

Phew.  Relief.  How?

Stop.  Catch yourself in the moment of negative autopilot rambling.

Yes – stop yourself and flip the switch. It’s really simple – go on, try this:

Stop and choose to think about what is going well, it could be something or someone you’re grateful grateful for…. and really consciously feel how good it feels.  Amplify those good feelings…  Allow yourself to smile, dance around your coffee table, if you like.  Keep that going for 5 – 10 minutes.  You’ll find as if by magic (oh I love a magic wand) that your breathing slows down (unless you’re dancing hard!), your tense muscles begin to relax along with your whole physiology.  It’s a great state to be in.  From that more peaceful heart space, you’ll discover that you are free to think about something more empowering, more fulfilling.  Even choose the first step towards the outcome you desire.

When was the last time you invested as much energy dreaming, thinking getting all worked up excitedly about what you do want?  Your next adventure.  Start with getting real about where you are now, getting clear on what you want next and taking the first steps towards your ‘thing’.  Yep, you’ll need toAli Soleil move towards it every day, stepping consciously with courage – which you have, in bucket loads by the way.

When you flip the switch, you make a conscious, empowered choice.  

You are never stuck.  It’s just something you tell yourself. And it’s not true.

When I finally flipped my own switch, I knew what I needed to do.  Yes, I was scared – but an exhilarated kinda scared.  I knew I needed to sell my home and do what I really wanted, which was to experience freedom, travel, go to places which inspired me and create a new life for myself.  And I’m so glad I didn’t wait a minute longer!

Whatever you next adventure may be, if you’re struggling with this, don’t delay any longer, take a step forward.  Reach out to me today.  Let’s find a mutually convenient time to have a chat about where you are and how I may be able to help you.  

You don’t have to do this alone.

Because that is what I’m dedicated to – helping you, to tap into your inner guidance, so you can experience the adventure that changes your whole life for the better (makes the already good bits, even better btw!).  Just email me ali@alisoleil.com and let’s speak.  

Much love

Ali xx

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