Empty Nester Tips

Yes Michelle, it certainly can feel that way. Life feels really strange when the children you have devoted so much love, care and energy have flown the nest. The home is deafeningly quiet… those roles you played for years are mostly over as you knew them… cook, taxi driver, clothes launderer, entertainer, nurse…

If your children are heading to Uni next month or getting ready to fly the nest, here are some coping strategies that could help.

Allow yourself to feel however you feel. If you feel good, that’s great. If you feel sad, allow that. If you feel grief, that’s normal too. There is no right or wrong way to experience your empty nest. Everyone is different and it takes as long as it takes to pass through the raw feeling stage.

If you feel some support would be useful, to move through this stage and explore how you’d like to create the next chapter of your life – message me, I maybe able to help (it’s something I’ve help scores of women transition through).

Have some enjoyable plans in your diary for the first 6 weeks after they’ve gone. Plans to look forward to, people to connect with. Dinners out, walks with friends, cinema, picnics etc

What’s something you’ve been putting off or meaning to do? It could be redecorating, decluttering, booking a holiday, a longer adventure etc. Get started! You know what it is.

Join a local club or group. A rock choir, netball team, book club, yoga class.

Plan when you’ll next see your son/daughter, get it in the diary.

Use Skype or Messenger, text etc to catch up in between times. As much as they love you, they too are creating a new life, so allow them to lead when it comes to how often you communicate. You also want them to know you’re ok, so they don’t worry.

I’d love to hear the challenges you are facing/ faced and your empty nest survival tips!

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